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if only i could walk out on life. 

i'm in a shit mood, and nothing I'm working on is turning out. i dunno if it's the winter or what. i should really go back and read blogs from last winter because i'm pretty sure i got in a rut like this last winter. and maybe the winter before that. so maybe it's just winter and lack of sun, or maybe i've somehow trained myself to work better during the spring and summer because that's when the big deadlines are or maybe just the monthly spring and summer trips to conventions where people come up and tell me how great i am gets me motivated...probably should put that theory at the top of the list, given my giant ego. 

sometimes getting out and seeing other people at the top of their respective skill sets helps jump start me. so i went and saw LockJaw this weekend, they put another great show.  i don't know what more i can say about seeing them live tahn i already have. If they are in your area go see them even if "hellrock" isn't your cup of tea because believe me it is like seeing Michael Jordan play basketball, or babe Ruth hitting a home are seeing the best there in the genre and one of the flat out best live bands out there now. and let me say this, if you go to see a live band and spent the entire show watching it through a 2 inch cell phone camera you are missing the point entirely. you are what we call a "dipshit". so stop that everybody, God gave you a memory use that and save the cell phone to get the numbers of the lose women in the crowd and don't take pictures of them to leave them to the kindness of a drunken memory as well.

as good as Lockjaw was though i was/still in a funk. and i can tell when I'm in a shit mood because i only see the crap and the problems and the flaws in everything...that being said i just didn't think that "grand torino" was that great a movie. i won't spoil anything for those of you who haven't see it, and i will say that it IS worth the money to got see. but for me the whole thing just stopped making any sense the morning after the gang drove by and shot off their uzi's and the incident with the girl. it just went from a movie grounded in grim reality to a fairy tale. but i know i'm in a shit mood so maybe i'm being to hard on it 

WARNING DO NOT READ THE BLUE TEXT....IT REVEALS PARTS OF THE MOVIE...AND DO NOT READ ANY COMMENTS!! I WILL BE ASKING FOR PEOPLE TO EXPLAIN THINGS TO ME!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! if you have not seen this movie just pass over the blue text and pick back up on the red text. 

First of the priest was a horrible actor, and why did he go from encouraging eastwood to doing something about the attack to telling him not to, and the whole scene with the priest and the cops was just plan shit-shitty acting-shitty dialogue - unnecessary. 

second at the climax it was dark and the gang was on unlit porches...there is no way that any charges would stick even IF the cops got their before they left. AND what happens when they get out of jail?

Third i thought the hmong all kept their mouths shut and wouldn't talk to the cops? so why was it different at the final shooting? someone explain these things to me.

but maybe i'm just being picky and there are simple explanations for all this that i missed and i don't want to be one of those a-holes that says " dude , he should have done "blah blah blah"

but...the end needed some tweaking. and it could have used a few more ethnic slurs.  going in knowing that Eastwood directed it i knew it would be a feel good heartwarming movie with an ending that has you walking away smiling...cough...

i would content that it is impossible to give away the end of a clint eastwood directed movie because if you don't know going in that whoever you like in the first 15 minutes is going to meet a sad horrible end then you just don't know clint eastwood.  If he wrote it's a wonderful like George Baily would have hit the water and crippled himself and watched the angel drown in front of him, and in the hospital they would have told him that they found the money but now he has to use it for spinal surgery...and his wife died...somehow.   

Both my football picks won yesterday and i have decide that the philly eagles are "the big show" of football. "The Big Show" is a 7 foot tall 400 pound wrestler on the WWE, and he is the guy that little guys miraculously beat in a match on their way to winning in essence it is his job to lose to up and coming stars to give them credibility.  That is Philly, because every year they get to the playoffs and every year they choke and somehow lose to someone who they should beat. this year they lost to Arizona of all teams. I didn't care who they where playing i just like to watch philly lose because as a life lone football fan i have enjoyed watching the heartbreaking  losses take their toll on the head coach.  every year he gets fatter and sadder looking.  this particular game he pretty much looked like will Ferril in anchor man after he got fire and was wandering the streets.  he's put on at least 40 pounds and had a three day old beard and was really just looking like they hosed off a wino and pulled an NFL sweater over him and stuck him on the sidelines.

 Pittsburgh has always been my team though and they won too.  See when you grew up in wisconsin in the 80's the packers where so God awful that you picked a second team to root for because you new logically that to have any interest in the NFL you had to invest you hopes in someone beside the lowly packers, and now that Brett Favre is gone it and the only won three games this year...GO STEELERS