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New distributor/new digs

I have moved my office to the basement.  I've had an awful case of writers/illustrators block.  which now that i think about it happens every winter. anyhow, to try to jumpstart things i moved my "office" from my living room to a room in the basement.  My "office" consists of a long table i "liberated" from a tent sale/fireworks stand on the 5th of July when i lived in Orlando. Hey, they had a whole other year to get a new one before it affected their business, and if they didn't want people walking off with them then they should have gotten to the rummage sale first, then THEY would have bought the bolt cutters and i would have had no way to unchain the stack of tables.  

most illustrators use those big tables that slant up at whatever angle you like, but since the angle i like is flat, a really long table from a tent sale works just fine.  I just need a long flat surface so i can shove stuff without it falling on the floor.  When i first saw the table it was covered with boxes of black cat brand fireworks at a tent sale at the far end of a wal mart parking lot, i was at the tent sale and in broken English the attendant asked 

"do you see something you want?" 

"oh yes" i replied as i ran my hands over the smooth table "yes i do....heh heh ha ha HA HA HAAAAA"  

he seemed to think i was coming onto him and in retrospect i guess i could see where that may have seemed like the case.  anywhoo, Wal mart was good enough to not chain up their carts and i loaded my 3x8 foot table onto a shopping cart and wheeled it the mile and a half back to my condo complex. my neighbor who ,as luck would have it was in charge of the condo community committee or some nonsense, was giving me the stink eye.  

I'll never understand why my then roommate picked a highbrow condo community other than to see me piss off the neighbors.  the condo community guy told me i couldn't bring the shopping cart in.  rather than get into an argument over a shopping cart i  carried the table the remaining 20 yards.  i could have just continued past him as he has no actual power, but i'm a man who likes to pick his battles.  and the cost for making me carry my table on my shoulders was having me tow in and strip two 1980's oldsmobile cutlasses right there in the community parking lot.  i was careful not TECHNICALLY break any of the condo complex's jerk off rules while still completely disassembling two after the other over the course of the summer. they where up on cinder blocks and everything and every night i would tie traps over the car.

 see the rule was you could keep unused vehicles, boats, ect parked in your parking spot as long at they where covered when not being maintained.  this rule was of course for the various speed boats and corvettes that where kept in the lot by wealthier residents...not for the likes of me to part out a shitbox oldsmoblie.  but since i DID tarp it off at night this left the condo community with the chinese finger cuffs decision of having to remove ALL tarped vehicles or ignore my shenanigans...or having a meeting and vote on changing the rules...a meeting i asured them i would attend and eventually have to be escorted out of. They never did make up their minds before i moved out, they would just give me dirty looks and walk around pissed off and mortified. The groundkeepers when cubans and big fans of that particular body style of car, so i gave them a few hard to fine parts if they would use thier leaf blowers at wide open throttle under the condo guys window at the crack of dawn every week.  But just to show thier where no hard feelings i left the front and rear bumpers on his lawn when i left. and that's like 600.00 worth of parts on ebay, that is if they weren't weilded together.  

what the hell was i talking about now? Oh yeah i moved all my crap into the basement...hopefully a change of scenery will help.

Oh and another distributor has asked to carry our fine comics "Haven Distributions"  which is formally Cold Cut Distributions...actually this new guy just bought the business (data bases and backstock ect ect)from whoever was running Cold Cut whenit finally went talk about a clusterfuck that was. i could go on and on about doing business with those guys, but i already went on and on about stealing a table.  so i guess i"ll tell you about it next time.