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and another thing

okay...there IS something else i'd like to get off my chest...  "survivor man" is a fag.  i've been watching a lot of "survivor man" and "man vs wild", and for those of you LOSERS out there who aren't stealing cable these are shows where they drop a guy in the middle of some God awful place with no survival equipment or food and you watch them deal with it.

...i realize that this topic is 2 years old but i just got cable, and when i mentioned these shows i got a whole shpeil from someone about how "Bear" the guy from Man vs Wild was a "fraud".  He wasnt actually staying in these places...he'd film then sleep somewhere else.  where as "survivor man" was actually out in the middle of the artic or the desert or whatever with not crew and staying out there for a whole week.  i guess there was a whol;e big thing about it a while survivor man was the real deal and the other guy was all show.

FIRST the fuck do you know?  how do you know that this survivor man guy isn't doing the same thing? you don't...

SECOND it's a t.v.'s supposed to be entertaining so i don't really care if the guy stayed out their overnight.  i got to see him build a shelter talk about what plants you could eat, how to trap/fish start a fire and what kind cool stuff was around in that area AND he shows you how to GET OUT of the area.  which way is out and how to use stuff in that area to guide you (moss on the north side of a tree, stars, landmarks ect) the point of his show is LEAVING not staying, so it doesn't even matter to the premise if he's spending the night in a hotel or not AND  they guy is an ex-british special forces you know what...i'm gonna give his the benefit of the doubt that he COULD survive the night if he needed to. AND i watched the guy eat a scorpion, drink his own urine, and get stung by a buch of bees and swell that's street cred enough for me.  "well they put the scorpion out there...they make sure thier are animals and stuff for him to run across"  GOOD that makes the show interesting because if they didn't have stuff like that you would have a really boring show.  if you didn't make sure that there where any pitfalls and animals and snakes and whatever for him to try to catch and eat you might just have a whole show of a guy wandering around in the middle of'd have "Survivor man" 

this guy from survivor man is a total dope.  i've watched about a dozen shows and it always takes him three or four days to find food.  and this wasn't in the desert this was in a RAIN FOREST.  hey ASSHOLE YOU CAN EAT BUGS.  you know how i know that? from watching the other show.  this dope was in a rain forest complaining about the bugs while telling us he hasn't found any food.  then he gave himself "trenchfoot" by never taking his boots off.  the "survivor man" guy doesn't even have the knowledge of Rachel Maddow...i mean of a10 year old  boy scout...did i say racheal maddow? weird...anyway he's just some dousche bag hippy.  Who thinks he's gonna go out and be one with nature or something.  in one episode he spread his horses poop around so it wouldn't kill the grass...this isn't just the work of an earth first hippy...this is a raging OCD hippy.  "hey stupid, you've been walking for three days and still haven't seen the end of the grass...i think the world will be okay if your horse poop kills a 6 inche square of it.  cause if not you'd better go kill all the bears/deer/coyote, wolfs, ect ect out there.  now i realize you might think there are no other animals out there because you are so incompetent you can't even manage to feed yourself in the woods in Colorado...but there are"


in the last episode he and his friend simulated being lost while hunting and they both went without food for three the middle of the U.P. forest...armed.  now ...this is where I hunt, and while i haven't gotten anything while hunting (because i just go there and fall asleep) it would take me about three minutes to find some bugs to eat, ten minutes to find a bird to shoot, and fifteen minutes to find a squirrel, porcupine, beaver, or some other small game.  and not because I'm nanuk of the north, but because the forest is TEEMING WITH LIFE.  my little brother managed to shoot a deer when he was like 15...and i think that was because it wouldn't stop licking his face.  how this jackass managed to go even one day without finding food HAS to be bullshit...he is either also a "fraud" or wildly unsuited to be out in nature.  probably both.