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I Here's a little story that happened right in my neck of the woods.

New Berlin - A former New Berlin Eisenhower student was accused Wednesday of a pattern of manipulation and deception using the social networking site Facebook to coerce male schoolmates into sexual encounters.

Anthony R. Stancl, 18, posing as a female on Facebook, persuaded at least 31 boys to send him naked pictures of themselves and then blackmailed some of the boys into performing sex acts under the threat that the pictures would be released to the rest of the high school, according a criminal complaint.

(more here if you're interested)'s the thing, you can't blackmail someone into doing something they feel is worse than the original thing you are blackmailing them for.  This would be like someone knowing you drove drunk and said "drive your car into a preschool or I'll tell everyone you drove drunk" no one would do that. Blackmail exists under "the law of diminishing returns". so i don't really know what to make of this.  i would say the guy is probably legally a pedophile and sex offender of some sort because these kids where under age, but i don't really buy that this was forced...that these kids had no choice and where manipulated into doing things. 

 I think a better assessment is that this guy is diabolically clever.  he went on the internet and found a bunch of people who only needed a little nudge, a way to rationalize it to themselves.  If you have a kid who's trolling the internet for a sexual outlet and willing to e-mail naked pics of himself in hopes of getting a naked picture of a girl you really have a perfect specimen of sexual confusion, and desperation. these are kids desperate for sexual contact and are not thinking past that.  these kids could have gotten naked pics of a girl ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET IN 30 SECONDS...but they went this route, why?  because they new this was a real person - there was an orgasm at the end of the rainbow.  now unless these kids had an i.q. lower that 45 and lived in a cave they knew there was a good possibility that this "girl" AT BEST probably didn't look as good in real life....and they had to know that it is possible she looked nothing like her picture and very likely wasn't anything like her picture i.e. she had a penis.  they plodded on knowing this.

and this perp knew that anyone willing to plod on anyway could be easily persuaded (and i use the term "persuaded" and NOT manipulated on purpose) into going the extra mile for the sake of sexual contact.  I don't accept, believe, or buy into, for one second that these kids where so scared and naive  that they did this guy simply so that he wouldn't show their pictures around. they wanted sexual contact an option was offered to them (not in the way they hoped...but it did come with a built in excuse "blackmail") and they took the option.  are we to believe that they didn't think "if i go down on you you're just going to blackmail me with that too." or "what you are asking is way worse than you just showing pics of me AND you would have to admit you pretend you are a girl on facebook in order to explain where you got those pics"

give me a break it's 2009...there is not a person on the internet who does not understand that it's all smoke and mirrors.  

this was an example of a guy knew just where to shop to get what he wanted, not an example of a whole bunch of naive children being forced to do horrible things that they otherwise wanted no part of. Plus 18 is not 35. an 18 year old might be a junior in the same high school, so in my mind he is only a child molester in a dumbass ignorat use of the term.  he was at most only a few years older than the person he was doing.  

I'm sorry and i know i'm on my own with this one but i don't believe these kids where that stupid, i think they wanted sexual a venue for it and a way to rationalize it to themselves and went for the brass ring.  this is one step above role playing.  Some of them regretted it...well welcome to the wonderful world of sex kids!  you are going to regret it most of the time even if it's good old fashioned missionary position man and woman.  


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