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John Stewart, pussy or tool?

There is a huge difference between a social/political commentator and being a TOOL. 


As I predicted Obama (a politician) is doing a whole lot of things differently than he said he was going to do. this should be no big shock to anyone AND I don’t blame the guy one bit.  I said all along that things are a whole lot different when you are on the outside looking in.  Once you are actually the president and have the weight of the world on your shoulders you realize it’s not so easy.  This is why I never bashed Bush and called him an idiot, and I’m not going to bash Obama and call him an idiot.  It's a impossible job I’m just a entertainer, a comedian, I’m not doing any great good…


I will however bash other people who are just comedians who have forgotten that they aren’t doing any great good, AND are proving themselves to be complete frauds and hypocrites.  This is going to be an interesting time because we just had 8 years of people bashing bush and calling him a dumbass because of his policies…and now Obama has adopted a whole lot of the policies Of Bush.  SO if these people actually believe what they say we should be hearing all sorts of Obama bashing right now, and calling Obama a dumbass…




Where is it? I watched the John Stewart Show all week and he gave Obama a complete pass.  Sure he made a couple of passing jokes about Stevie Wonder at the white house but none of the jaded biting sarcasm that Bush got.  Stewart = tool.  He’s a big tough guy making fun of Bush to a audience full of college age Democrat’s, but when Obama makes the same decisions as Bush…nothing…no mention...

THEN with right wingers such as Rush , Micheal Savage, sean hannity, and hell even Glenn Beck out there looking for a fight...our hero decides to rough up some goofball "wallstreet comentator" who's show is the least serious financial show on t.v. go ahead and watch "mad money" and ask yourself how long you think it would take you to up end this guy in a debate, he looks like he's about to go off the tracks on his own. Jim Kramer looks and acts like animal from the muppet show in a crappy shirt and tie. wow...way to really took the bull by the horns there.  how about for your next trick you beat up a third grader.

i know alot of you out there are John Stewart fans...wouldn't you have rather seen him pick on someone his own size?  doesn't it disappoint you that he won't?  doesn't it disappoint you that he is giving Obama a free pass? hell the guy has like 80 writers putting words in his mouth couldn't one of them put something in there that pointed out Obama is following the Bush plan?  it's a pretty easy joke to write.


instead he brings on this Jim Kramer guy and beats him up for a half an hour about how greedy they (wallstreet analysts) are and how poorly they reported things and how they didn't do a better job of double checking what their guests told them.  yawn…wow…what acerbic wit you have.  Look how shrewdly you slice and dice some guy who has NOTHING TO DO WITH any of this countries economic problems.   and by they way Kramer is a COMMENTATOR...NOT a reporter...just like Stewart is a commentator, when is the last time Stewart double checked a source?  Obama is crapping in Stewarts mouth right now and Stewart is saying "yum! it tastes great! glad bush is gone".  How about you grow a set Stewart.  

He and bill mahr both love to pull that -beat up on people and drive home serious points and then go "awh shucks i'm just a comedian" whenever someone calls them out for being wrong... pussies.


And by the way, am I the only one who is going to say it? Am I the only one out there with no “white guilt”?  The housing crisis occurred because the banks where told BY DEMOCRATES to stop being to critical about who they give loans to and that they better start giving more housing loans to MINORITIES or they would come down on them for discrimination. 

“but we are using the same credit guidelines for everyone…a lot of these  people just don’t have a good enough credit rating for…” 

‘TOO BAD…AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN “THESE PEOPLE”?!” said BARNEY FRANK Democrate in charge of forcing this policy on the banks “you’d better start giving more loans to minorities.”

 And the banks looked over at the guy who drives a 200.00 toyota with 600.00 rimms on it and said “uhm…but…” 

and BARNEY FRANK DEMOCRATE said “don’t you say it…you rasict bastard …now give this guy a loan…tell ya what, we’ll let you jack up the interest rate a little”


So they did and low and behold the minorities, who where given loans that they shouldn’t have gotten, couldn’t afford to pay the mortgages and lost their houses.  And the then democrats JOHN STEWART INCLUDED who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground OR KNOW THAT THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT BUT DON’T WANT TO ADMIT THEIR GUYS SCREWED UP, said “these evil greedy banks are taking peoples houses away…they KNEW the people couldn’t afford them!”


This make ZERO SENSE. 1- they where forced into giving these loans.


2- the BANKS DON’T MAKE THERE MONEY SELLING HOUSES!  When your house get’s foreclosed on the BANK LOSES IT’S ASS.  It has to hire inspectors, people to upkeep the property, real estate agents, it has to pay for many people to go through miles of red tape and the they have to sell it at an auction for pennies on the dollar. AND BY THEY WAY..the houses that are getting foreclosed on aren’t mansions in beautiful high demand neighborhoods…they are most of the time moderate to shitty houses in moderate to shitty neighborhoods that no one is going to pay much to live in… making  pennies on the dollar of a cruddy property isn’t how the banks make their money GET ME?  It’s simple math…you make more money if the peers pays off the house plus the interest on the loan.


Total value + interest =$$$


As opposed to this equation


Total value - inspection costs - upkeep- realtor fees – repairs  -accountant fees – depreciation = :(


THAT’S WHY THE BANKS ARE FAILING SEE? If these loans where given out just to screw people out of their houses than the BANKS WOULDN’T BE FAILING BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR HOUSES… and when the banks lose their ass the rest of the economy suffers.  John Stewarts of the world, it is YOUR TEAM that fucked this up, this was the fault of the senate finance committee. so you going gout there are beating up on some wall street commentator is like beating up on a psychic for not warning us about- 9-11.  it is the act of a complete pussy.  There are a lot of people to blame but the guy who’s job it is to guess what is going to happen next isn’t one of them.  Stewart and his kind know all this of course but they spent 8 years pretending they give a shit and made a whole lot of $$$$$$ beating up on bush to an audience that hated bush to begin with…for them it is a much nicer equation


Calling bush names + audience of democrats =$$$$


Much nicer than


Pointing out Obama is full of crap + an audience that you trained to think Obama was Jesus  = :(


Watching The John Stewarts of the world who made their bones giving the president the finger and acting like they where intellectual revolutionaries in the mold of hunter s Thompson, now have to dance around and avoid the fact that Obama is just another politician who is fucking up, is like watching someone who was pretending to be superman who is now at the edge of a building trying to explain that he just doesn’t feel like flying right now. 


So let’s continue to sit back and watch…let’s see if any of the patriotic bell ringers who where so brave and so rebellious defiantly calling the president names for doing this or that…let’s see if any of them have the nuts to say the same thing about Obama when he does THE SAME THINGS that the hated Bush for doing.   Or are they all just a bunch of pussies who where going with the flow and telling it’s audience what it wanted to hear.


Because up to this point all I see are hypocrates, pussies, and tools.

AND (once again i am haunted by) Racheal Maddow...who is the only one out there who is being consistent.  

"and a child shall lead them" 

(or at least a girl who looks like a ten year old boy)



comments? concerns?



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