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as i am very very busy fine tuning the final issue i have asked a couple of people to fill in for me here so you all get your twice a week fix of angry acerbic musings.  first up is the charming and delightful Steve Vincent of Angry Drunk Graphics.  Steve is the kingpin of underground comics...having published, help get published and all around promoted and continues to promote people who would otherwise never get seen by the likes of you or I.  his Spastic Colon series of mini comics are HIGH recommends as long as you are not skittish.  As many of you know i generally don't associate with, acknowledge as piers, or most importantly hang out with fellow comic book pros at and after cons...Steve is one of the good ones though and i call him a friend and have even shared a few adult beverages with him...not shared exactly, we each had our own straw.  in any case please give him all the respect and courtesy you afford me...he's a guest in own humble home/website...(i.e. let him have it with both barrels if you disagree, or pat him on the back if he speaks the truth)


The “M” word.

So anyway Doug asked me to write a blog this week as he is undoubtedly busy drawing the same page over and over again because one of the background characters in the 5th panel has a pinky that is slightly larger than the index fingers or some inane thing like that.

So here it is, I read a few of his blogs, each one was about something or other that pissed him off.

Since Michael Jackson, Farrah Faucet, Ed McMahon and Billy Mays recently died I’ve been in pretty good spirits. I can’t believe that four useless nothings who at one time or another have totally annoyed me have left the planet. I’ve been practically farting rainbows for the last two weeks, I’m so happy.

I decide to watch TV, there has to be something happening in the world besides the death of some pedophile popstar (hero) that will annoy me and that I can focus on long enough to write a blog befitting of Doug’s pages.

Then there it was:  a short news piece on midgets. It seems a few of God’s little Ewoks have had it up to here (hand slightly higher than my knee) with the term Midget. They find it offensive and they want the word banned from the English language. The reporter goes on to relay the story to his viewers, but instead of saying the word “midget” he says “the M word”. As in “these little people want the “M” word removed from the dictionary”.

I don’t think of myself better than any group of people, I’m sure that most people can do at least one thing better than me, and I can probably do at least one thing better than most people.  But if you are the kind of person who takes offense from a sound, chances are I am superior to you.

I will not use the term  “__ word”  M,N,F or any other stupid letter in front of the word “word” is ridiculous.  If I go up to a gay guy on the street and say “Hey you F-word, you suck!” and he gets less offended from that than if I had actually said the word “Faggot”, he is a moron and should be heckled. The fact that the word only offended these munchkins when it was said in English but not in some other language was insane. If some guy from a tribal country in Africa called you “midget” but instead of the English word midget they say their word for midget, possibly something like “mm click mm pop click mow” that probably wouldn’t hurt their feelings  at all.  You know why? Because it is a freaking sound, just like the English word “midget”.

Well, that about wraps up my blog.

Go see Doug in San Diego July 23-26 and grab a copy of Arsenic Lullaby Omega.

And stop by and pick up “Spaztic Colon Rides Again”  by me.

-Steve Vincent

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