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 SO, i'm minding my own business, listening the the radio...the Obama inauguration...when i am interrupted by the sounds of thousands of sheep baying loudly and enslaved morons rattling chains.  people in the crowd where chanting Obama,s name...that is fucking scary.  this is the U.S.A. we are supposed to be above third world countries in the way we choose AND VIEW  our government officials.   if you like Obama fine, if he's your guy great,  but to wait out in the cold to chant his name?  you are a slave just waiting for some chains, a human briquette just waiting to be lead into an oven.  and i'm not saying Obama is going to be a bad president...i'm saying YOU are a bad citizen.  we do not CHANT THE NAMES OF OUR LEADERS IN FREE COUNTRIES.  we watch them suspiciously, and hope for the best, secure in the knowledge that they are just humans.


This country was founded and created under the understanding that power corrupts and government is evil and lazy and needs to be watched constantly.  if you don't understand that you should be forced to leave and be replaced by an immigrant. 


Obama is just another asshole politician.  he has "democrat" after his name...the asshole politician before him has "republican" after his name...and the asshole politician before him had "democrat" after his name...and so on... For anyone to think that some asshole politician deserves them to sit out in the cold for 12 hours just to chant for him, before he has even done ONE THING AS PRESIDENT, is mind boggling. YOU are in charge of changing YOUR life...not Obama, Bush, Reagn, or George fuckin washington. YOU, dipshit, should not put your hopes and trust and faith into anyone but yourself and people you have met personally, because everyone else on this planet is a crap shoot.  Pick ANY politician...what do you really know about them?  have you EVER heard more that four seconds of them talking while they where not aware people where listening? NO.


You liberals and lefties out their don't get to sit on the fence now and stop being cynical just because a democrat is in office.  it is your job to stay every bit as paranoid and cynical and suspicious of government as you where for the last 8 years...that IS YOUR JOB. in fact that is ALL OF OUR JOB...but i will hand it to the left they do it a little better than the you guys don't get to sit on the bench for the next 4-8 years.  We NEED YOU IN THERE. get back up get, your fucking helmet on and get on the field and make some hits.

"if i'm wrong we'll go to jail, quietly, peacefully, we'll enjoy it...but if i'm RIGHT..."

Peter Veinkman


p.s. i want Aretha Franklins Performance at the inauguration on mp3...i'm going to use it for a car alarm...yeash