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Marvel Comics is releasing a special inauguration issue of Spiderman where he "meets" Barak Obama.  There aren't going to be a whole lot of surprises as to my thoughts on it but i'll say it anyway, it's a slow blog week.

1-suck a dick already with all this Obama crap. People are acting like he's Jesus Christ and Hanna Montana all rolled into one. the man hasn't done ANYTHING YET.  and if you honestly believe that this one politician is that much better than any other politician how come you didn't vote for this guy last time?  how come NOBODY HEARD OF THIS ASSHOLE UNTIL 3 YEARS AGO?  he hasn't done anything and if we're lucky he won't do anything because politicians are no funkin good.  you know how i always say that i am worth less than a plumber or an electrician...that in the grand scheme of things drawing comics is fairly useless?  well being a lifetime politician is even MORE useless.  at least my comics entertain people with real jobs...politicians just tell people with real jobs how much money they get to keep and how long their lawn has to be.

let's say, for the sake of argument, the guy is going to be 100 times better than Bush...that still makes him a worthless politician.  zero times one hundred is zero.  stop looking to the government to fix ANYTHING.  You know who gets involved in national government?  lowlifes, con men, fascists, local politicians who got a taste of power and want more.  people who are smart and ambitious and want to AND ARE CAPABLE OF CHANGING THINGS...don't get involved in buracracies...they invent things or start thier own businesses or what have you.

Obama at best is the cream of the crap, the best of the worst, Government never solves anything it is a backwards ass, alice in wonderland, rube goldberg of jackasses who aren't smart enough to get rich without TAKING your money.

want an example?  Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich...AND he wants to spend billions bailing out the auto companies, the banks, and however else is clever enought to come forward looking for a hand out.  so he's taking from the rich and GIVING TO THE RICH. 

but let's say for the sake of arguement Obama is that one guy in a generation who is better than you're average know what happens to those guys?  they get nipped in the bud and destroyed by the other politicians for rocking the boat. 

This guy is a walking fad, that i'm, already sick of.  the simple fact that so many of you are looking to HIM A POLITICIAN to make the world a better place makes me sick with worry. have you all forgotten that POLITICIANS ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH?  EVERY FOUR YEARS THEY SAY THEY ARE--









...are people so damn stupid that they think any of this is going to happen this time?  WHY? WHAT HAS OBAMA DONE IN THE PAST TO MAKE YOU THINK HE WILL BE DIFFERENT? NOTHING.   even if he had some super track record of getting things done at a local level we have ZERO reason to think he will pull it off nationally or internationally.  

now...come back to earth all of you and solve your own problems, and be your own "hope and change" and forget about the government.  Obama can't get you through college, get you a better job, teach your kids to read and write, or improve your health care better than you can do for yourself.  I don't Care if Gandhi became president and Buddha was his running mate...YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN DESTINY.  if you are a loser it is YOUR FAULT, and if you want to succeed it is YOUR RESOLVE AND WILL that will get you there.

as for Spiderman...he thought the registration act and putting Tony stark in charge was a good idea, so if i was Obama i'd keep my distance from that fuckin guy.  

(..that only made sense to those of you who still read Spiderman, so let me put it another way...)

seeing as how Marvel wants to interject spidey into politics...let's do that.  this guy can lift up a truck and stick to walls and he is always short on rent.  why? because he is lazy. Spidey is a leach, who is so selfish...such an ego maniac...that he would rather swing around as a vigilante than sell his inventions and patents to law enforcement, local hospitals ect ect.  how much would emergency rooms pay for a web shooter that can seal a would shut and then simply disintegrate? He hasn't come forward with the secret of his power so that others could have that same power...why even his own feeble aunt may might benefit from spider strength and stamina.  how much cheaper would health insurance be, how much more efficient would emergency rooms be, if we could all spare ourselves from injury with "spider sense".  He could change the world with his OWN HARD WORK AND SACRIFICE...but instead, like so many other "useful idiots", he looks to government to do it.

 he's always broke because he hasn't bothered to get involved in the free market beyond selling a few pictures to a newspaper.  he wants all of the real entrepreneurs, hard working businessmen, inventors, who had the brains and commitment to work hard and bring their inventions to market and build up a business, to pay more in taxes so that he can pay less.  

Spiderman is the superhero equivalent of all the losers who lost their jobs in the auto market...they watched jobs get shipped overseas little by little, decade after decade, and SOMEHOW THOUGH IT DEFIES ALL RATIONAL THOUGHT AND SIMPLE SELF PRESERVATION...had NO PLAN WHEN THEIR FACTORY CLOSED.  they didn't go to night school and get a new skill, they didn't save a bunch of money, they didn't invest or tell their union to stop causing trouble and making it so they where more trouble than they where worth...they just sat there and let the building get boarded up around them.  they AND spidey have all the ability in the world to improve their situation BUT DON'T and they are both looking to Obama...a lone politician, do something FOR THEM.


and Marvel comics...well what can i say, they yet again attempt to sell comic books based on cheap ploys rather than quality work. so no big surprise there. they are they final entity here that rather than improve their situation themselves look to Obama, by his mere image on the cover, to do it for them.  you know what was on my last cover?  a giant eyeball...because BY MY OWN HARD WORK YEAR AFTER YEAR everybody knows that if it says ARSENIC LULLABY on the cover it's going to be good.