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I hate you life!   Why do you always gotta sock me in the nuts? Why? Whyyyy!!! 

No! I didn’t do this YOU did this. 

You hear me life?! YOU DID THIS. 

 What’s that line from that pearl jam song “push me and I will resist this behaviors not unique.”  Something life that.  They suck anyhow…they were only good for one cd…maybe two if you combine all the other good stuff from the rest of their cd’s into one…well vitallogy was okay too. So three. 

but fine, i'll just sit here...i suppose i had it coming.  maybe. I'll just smile and bare it like the idiot i truly am for putting myself in this position.

this is me smiling.

Oh, and come see us at Wizard World Chicago this'll be lots of fun...i know i can't wait. oh boy.


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