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rapid fire/hey, wait a minute...

  as i struggle my way out of the writers block some things are dawning on me-some too late but i still think i need to say them 

--so John McCain's too old to be president? he's gonna die in office? well that's what you all said about bob dole and that was SIXTEEN YEARS AGO AND HE'S STILL ALIVE!...that's what they should have said.

--i keep hearing that Obama's election is proof that anyone can be president.  what the hell does that mean?  if i was Obama i'd be a bit put off by comments like that.  does that mean that he is such a dumbass unqualified dope that he has lowered the bar forever?  or does that mean that Blacks and the bottom rung of ambition and that if one of them manages to get elected than anyone can....just what the hell does "if he can than anyone can" mean?

--you guys almost got ME saying stupid shit like "what can you expect in this economy"  the fact is that 99.9999 percent of the u.s. has yet to be touched one iota by the financial problems and the vast majority of them never will or if they do it will be almost unnoticeable.  it's not going to affect me at all after it all averages out.  frankly it's about time people stopped spending all their entertainment dollars on high priced video games and came back down to earth and bought comic books.  every time there is a recession comics get a boost...because they are cheap. this "bad economy" is just a shift from high dollar items to low dollar items because 300 million consumers aren't going to just break their spending habits out of the clear blue sky because the assclown on CNN said we're in for a "rough ride".

--Racheal Maddow is NOT attractive.  but i still want to sleep with her and that bothers me.

--they are burning big banners with Obama face silk screened on it in Iran.  he hadn't even been sworn in yet and that means these banners have been made in advance.  see back in high school a friend of mine's mom was involved in making the silk screened world championship shirts for the world series.  they had to just make complete orders of both teams so that as soon as the last game ended they had the winning teams shirts all ready for sale.  back to the banners that are being burned...somewhere in a whare house in Iran there are big banners of McCain collecting dust...that's kind of a sad little image isn't it...ah what could have been.