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I hadn't commented on the bombing of Gaza because i thought it would be fairly obvious to even the biggest idiot that Israel didn't have much choice...but then sometimes i see things like this and feel compelled to vent---

Thu Jan 15 2009 Gaza Massacre Intensifies.
Actvists Shutdown SF Israeli Consulate

On January 15th, thirty to forty activists took over the building housing the San Francisco Israeli consulate (456 Montgomery) shortly after 8am, putting bike locks on the doors to prevent it from opening. Activists both inside and outside locked themselves together with locks and tubes. As of 9:15am, the building is still closed and building security was prevented by protesters from letting people in through side doors.

The Palestinian death toll now stands at at least 1045. Israeli is continuing to escalate its assault on Gaza. In the past day alone they have hit many civilian targets in Gaza City, including a UN building, a hospital, and a building housing several media organizations.


These protesters make me sick...they are the zenith of spoiled children who have no idea what they are talking about or what they are involved in.

Israel IS LITERALLY  surrounded by countries that HATE them because of their religion/race.  Surrounded and alone and regularly bombed and terrorized.  and a bunch of spoiled dumbfucks, nice and safe in the land of neutered police San Francisco, where the mayor never met a protester he didn't bend over backwards for, have the nerve to comment on what course Israel takes in hopes of surviving.


I got a couple of challenges for any of you "protesters" out there.  come here to Milwaukee and me and four of my friends will kick the shit out of you over and over (that is one of us for each of the countries that surround Israel that openly sponsors terrorist attacks against them) and if you hit back you are then a hypocrite. You have to just sit there while one of us smashes you in the face every two or three minutes...maybe i'll even have some neo-hippy hang out and scream at you and call you a war monger if you do try to defend yourself. 


OR you can go to the middle east and go protest there...tough guy...leave your pansy ass little safe zone and go to a country where the police kick you head in if you cross the barricade, where the protestors from the opposite opinion are throwing rocks and lit bottles of alcohol at you. You bunch of pussies with your bike where spoiled children who acted out in hopes of getting attention from your stoned parents and never got grounded for it, and you have grown up into full sized douche bags acting out in a city where you very well know you will not be harmed or penalized for it.


Would these children have Israel sit there and CONTINUE to be pounded by missiles on a daily basis?  Are they all so stupid as to take the "death tolls" as fact?  the only fact we know is that the "death tolls" are being given to them by anti Semites.  Are they so ill informed as to not understand that Israel has given Palestine every concession and every piece of land that is now sits on, in hopes of peace.  Think about that, every rock that a Palestinian throws WAS OWNED BY ISRAEL AND GIVEN TO PALISTINE.   every square inch of that land they are launching missiles from AT THE JEWS was GIVEN to them by the Jews. 


and it is clear that they have given zero thought as to what they hope to accomplish by their actions/protesting, other than relieve their boredom and maybe ride the wave of pretending to have accomplished something and given a shit all the way into getting laid.   a friend of mine, of even lower character than I, used to say "protesting is the ultimate roofie"


Aside from that, have the rest of them given any thought as to why THIS conflict at this time is the one they have gotten riled up for?  In only the past few years there have been a dozen or more events that hit closer to home that they should have been paying attention to.  oh, but I forget, this one has big explosions and loud noises on the T.V. to get them all excited, like monkeys in a cage hooting at the child with the brightest jacket on.


All these protesters are below the "useful idiots" that Lenin spoke of, as they need no commands or stirring up but simply a sound bite to go out and make noise.  They are all truly sad.


except for the ones out there to get the years since my friend told me that i still don't know if i think less or more of him for it.