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Press conference.

(here is your obligatory review of last night presidential press conference)


Well our boy Obama gave a pres conference last night the point of which seemed to be to get everyone to forget what is going on and the fact that a lot of what he has done has backfired.   Now...putting aside the fact that i think the guy if full of crap and everything he wants to do has been tried over and over throughout the course of history and failed.  I give the guy credit for this press conference and I actually respected the guy a little more afterwards.

It seems though no matter what side i'm on nobody from the left agrees with me...and this time no one from the right will either. Both side seemed to think he was...disingenious...a little too rosey ect.

Here's the thing.  The economy is based on people spending money...and if people think things look bleak than nobody is going to spend money.  so him going out there and blowing smoke up our asses about how things are back on track was the exact thing he needed to do.  

Just like Bush couldn't come out and say..."hey idiots...we are in Iraq to draw the enemy there and fight it out in someone elses country rather than having them come over here and break our stuff.  Iraq is a big fat mouse trap"  Obama in turn can't come out and say "Yeah things are still a mess but I have to soft soap these people into thinking everything's going to be fine so they start spending money again and thus making everything okay"  see there are things that you can't just come out and say or it will defeat the point of what you are really trying to accomplish.

so the lefties and righties out there bitching and moaning about how he didn't really say anything and just blew smoke up our butts...grow up.  that is what was called for.

and onto the subject of him not actually taking any tough questions.  SO WHAT?  I'll address the right wing here...when was the last time you say Bush give a press conference at all?!  we never saw the fucking guy.  which was 90% of the problem i had with him.  the job of a leader is to lead.  and you can't lead if we never hear from you.  It is about instilling confidence. People follow two things, courage and results.  He went out there and said what he wanted to do...flat out. said what he thought and where he wants and thinks things are going and as i say...i think he's full of crap BUT i've go no problem with the way this guy is doing things, even if i don't agree with the things.



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