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      ...someone took a smart pill.

...i'm flipping through channels and i get to the block of five news channels in a row.  each one of them  is giving post election coverage.  in case you weren't paying attention, and to be honest i wasn't really myself, there where two governorships up for grabs this time.  new jersey and Virginia both HAD democrat governors and lost to republicans on Tuesday. 

so there where political strategists from the democrats and republicans on talking about what went wrong and what went right.  basically it broke down like this the democrats claimed they lost because they didn't have strong candidates and the republicans all remarked that they themselves might need stronger candidates in the mid term elections in order to shore up the base.  both parties felt that they will need stronger candidates in order to have success next November.

HOLY SHIT!  ARE YOU ALL SITTING DOWN?!  the morons have figured out for the first time, in the two decades that i;ve been paying attention to politics, that their candidates aren't any good.  holy fuckin shit...what a revelation!  you don't think your candidates are strong enough?  what would ever give you that idea?  the constant polling data that says were don't give a rats ass about your candidates or the fact that 50% of this country doesn't even bother to vote?   holy mother of...they finally figured out that they need better candidates.

how did these fucking morons ever get to power in the first place?  i hate to keep coming back to health care but the sheer notion that these assholes should be in charge of ANYTHING ELSE MAKES ME WANT TO SET MYSELF ON FIRE.  just yesterday...nov 4th 2009 both parties figured out that if they had better candidates they'd get more votes...GOOD LORD?!  THAT IS FUCKING TERRIFYING!

What are electrolights?  electrolights are what plants crave...why do they crave it?  because it has electrolights...

what the flying fuck is going on in there back room meetings FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK?!

i am i swearing enough to convene my shock/terror/rage/befuddlement? no? what the fuck are they fucking doing all day if they just now nov.4th 2009 figured out that better candidates get more votes?  SOMEONE ANSWER ME!!  these people are in charge of two wars? in charge of our schools?  in charge of the FCC? someone get me a syringe and some heroin because i can't deal with this straight anymore...WHAT THE FLYING HOLY FUCK IS GOING ON?!

"we're gonna need a better candidate"....??? that's all you got?  that's the level you're at?  how the fuck did you manage to work the door knob to get out of your house and into the newsroom?  no wonder we're still fighting in Afghanistan...they haven't figure out that if we fire more bullets we'll kill more bad guys. 


SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A BAD DREAM.  better candidates?  just now they figured this out?!

i'm working my way into a cold sweat just thinking about the fact that the two ruling parties are just now analyzing things at the level of a second grader.  maybe a first grader...and what age do you start picking kickball teams by who is better?  you know when in gym class the fat kid or the slow kid gets picked last...NOT IN OUR TWO POLITICAL PARTIES...THEY, UP UNTIL YESTERDAY, COULDN'T FIGURE OUT THAT IF YOU HAVE BETTER PLAYERS YOU'LL WIN MORE KICK BALL GAMES.

i...i gotta move outta this country. communism i could put up with but this shear stu...this isn't even stupididty...i don't know what to call it.  this like stupid have a love child with blind and it got hit on the head with a lead pipe.  

i'm fucking beside myself right now with disillusion, and that's saying alot for someone as cynical as me. i mean i don't expect much from either party but i at least thought they new that the better candidate wins. just..who fuck...wh...i'd like to just turn into a preying mantis...cause i can't even process this and the stimulous/response lobe of my brain just wants to have really violent sex and then die.



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