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Little fly

Little Fly buzzing in my basement. carefree with no deadlines or stress

I'd like to be a fly and fly with you. I'd like to make me and all my buddies carefree flies. so we could gang rape you, because that's how much i hate your noise. I guess rape is a hate crime after all. I'd even make a little shoe box sized tavern, to gang rape you in, like in the accused.

your buzzing drives me mad.



Pear tree

mighty pear tree in my back yard. towering and majestic. dropping pears every summer. so many pears that it is impossible to clean them all up before they attract maddening buzzing flies. i'd like to be a pear tree for awhile, me and all my buddies. so we could gang rape that fly....cause i bet it would hurt more to be gang raped by pear trees.


i hate you fly.


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