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Pat Robertson was half right or bring that over here.

So...i guess Pat Robertson (tv preacher and missionary of some regard) assed the Haiti situation not too far off from what i assessed it at...sure he wasn't as eloquent as me,  he said something like "it could be a blessing in disguise".  and Katy bar the door even more assholes decided to pretend to care so they could disagree with Pat and call him names.

let's start with why they are assholes then move onto why pat is correct.  Lets take the 100% of people who are angry at Pat.  of that 100% lets minus everyone who can't find Haiti on a map...i'll be generous and say that leaves us with 10%. (pat can find it on a map by the way because he has been there) of that 10% lets minus everyone who didn't give a shit until Pat said something and they are such jaded liberal individuals to the point that the "liberal" supercedes the "individual" and more so supercedes thought.  and their knee jerk reaction is to jump up and down like a baboon at any noise made by any creature outside of their brood, they simply are reacting to him, and what he is talking about or saying is irrelative. that would leave us with 2%...of that 2% lets minus everyone who has never been to any third world country much less Haiti (Pat HAS been to Haiti) of the 100% of people bitching at Pat i'd say .05% have a valid though out opinion.  so of the 100% of people disagreeing with Pat 99.5% are completely irrelevant and there opinion is completely meaningless.   and as i say often...when you give an opinion on something you know ZERO about are an asshole.

Onto why Pat is correct...or at least half correct "it could be a blessing in disguise"...i would say there is NO disguise about it.  haiti is a worthless shithole and the majority of it's population are vile dangerous lowlifes.  it's Tijuana from hell.  ask anyone from the Dominica Republic...DR shares the island...and has a border so well fortified that it makes the great wall of china look like a noodle strainer.  they have fences, walls, guard dogs, armed military patrolling 24-7 to keep the human debris of Haiti from getting into their country.  They live on the same island and would readily agree with Pat...while you live nowhere near it, probably never even saw a picture of it, couldn't find it on a map, and didn't give it a second thought until three days ago.  so one the side of this disaster being a blessing you have- Pat Robertson who has done more than his share of missionary work all across the globe, and the entire population of the Dominican Republic...and on the other side you have...people who will be just as angry about who wins American idol in 5 months as they are about this earthquake.  If i knew nothing at all about this planet and had to simply choose a side based on credability ...i'd have to go with pat over these assholes.

but...i do know a bit about this planet.  and i can give you my own reasons.  the first being that i don't live in a fairy tale land of sunshine and lolly pops and rainbows where all human life is equal.  a pedophile is not equal to someone who murdered in a fit of passion, a murderer is not equal to law abiding citizen, a average joe is not equal to an average joe who is a father and a average joe who's a father and a husband is not equal to one who is also a hero, or an inventor who has helped mankind. that is life. accept it or admit that you are a afraid to grow up.  Haiti getting destroyed is not equal to Chicago being destroyed. the population and infrastructure of Chicago is infinitely more valuable, is helping this planet far far more than the population of Haiti.  Chicagos exports - electronics, machinery, inventions of all kinds, medical advancements, art, music, theater, research of all kinds. Haiti's export's drugs, crime, under aged sex slaves, piracy, disease, and once in awhile poisoned food. 

No...becuase i have the ability to THINK...i am going to wonder out loud what possible ways Haiti could go from the shit hole that is was to a modern country of some benefit or at least of no harm to the rest of the world.'s political higher archy would have to be replaced...see part of the reason there is so much crime is that the people are living in poverty...they are living in poverty because the government STEALS all the food and aid that missionaries, the U.N. and anyone else's tries to send in. so they would have to go. now if you have read anything about world history or at least have a know that governments don't fall with out some big huge event, i.e. a disaster (which would cost many human lives) that weakens or make irrelevant that government, a revolution (which would cost many human lives), or being conquered by another country (which would cost many human lives).  so anyway you slice it getting rid of the assholes running that country into the ground was going to cost human lives.

the other thing this crap hole needed/needs was a completely new infrastructure.  new roads, new power grid, new ports, new airstrips, new waterlines, new everything.  well they are going to get that now aren't they? and they are going to get it for free and the dumb ass do gooders in the west are even going to build it for them and teach them how to run it.  of the three scenarios i offered up in the previous paragraph that would be needed for these people to get out from under the  boot heal of thier government THIS is the only one that would provide them with new infrastructure and education on it's upkeep. 

and as for the lose of life...lets say that 100,000 people were killed...we will NEVER actually know how many people where killed because Haiti is a third world shit hole full of con men and once the aid starts rolling in they are going to inflate the numbers to get as much money out of suckers as they can.  but lets say 100,000 people that we don't know and never would have met are killed in the quake.  uhm...that's about how many people die daily on this planet that we don't know and never would never meet.  and i'll break it down more for you . 100,000 people out of the entire population of earth is like one person you don't know dying in the state you live in. do you grieve every day for those people? nope. yet this is a big deal to you, why? cnn gave you loud noises and fantastic are a monkey and the earthquake is a shiny object.  my consolation here is next week someone will give you a different shiny object, make Paris Hilton will get caught blowing tiger woods and you'll all post about that, and send funny jokes and photo shopped pictures...meanwhile some Haitian will still be trapped under a pile of rubble.  neither of us will care then, the only difference is i readily admit right now that i don't care...and have well thought out reasons not to care...where as you are just a dumbass.

awww...what's a matter?  am i being to cold and logical for you?...hmmm?  you want a nice straw dog like Robertson that smiles and tries to put a kind spin on things?...hmm?  would that make you feel better? an nice doddering old man who is to polite to spell it out for you that you can beat up on a call names in the safe vastness of the internet with no one to disagree with you because you surround yourself with bobbleheads? "yep yep we're right they're wrong yep yep yep". you want to go back to the old man who's to polite to tell you the truth point blank. hmm?  would that be better?  well i just told you the truth point blank and here's more truth for you...YOU...are a bully.  you are a bully who jumped all over some old man who you know isn't going to stick up for himself.

bring that shit to me.  I've laid it out for you, i have an e-mail account, a myspace blog, a facebook wall...and i never erase any differing opinion...BRING IT.  BRING THAT SHIT TO ME. that is if you honestly have an opinion and aren't just a PUSSY waiting for Robertson to say something you can scream about because you, IN TRUTH, don't like him because of his views on other abortion or gay marriage or this or that. are the worst kind of "non-thinker"  you are the non thinker who yells real loud at people you don't like without ever stopping to think that once in awhile they might be correct, or even on your side.  


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