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Often smaller independent comic book people, approach me and hope to pick my brain about how i lasted this long or how i got as far and widely read as i if i have some secret formula other than the usual stuff-hard work ,sacrifice, determination, focus, putting out the best work you can over and over.  blah blah blah there is one more standard ingredient i'd like to address today that seems to be lacking in the young batch of would be comic book makers.  BELIEF IN YOURSELF.  this goes further than just thinking that you do good work.  this also involves putting your money where your mouth is.  this involves TAKING SOME RISKS.  are you listening to me all you pussies?  all you pansies with your "web comics" that cost you nothing and also GAIN you nothing.  listen up, all you dipshits who rot away in artist alley on crappy card tables, surrounded by dousche-bags who are selling pin ups of batgirl and catwoman. 


On my myspace page i put out a couple of posts about comic book conventions in Pittsburgh and in New York.  The good people at Angry Drunk Graphics worked out a little deal with these shows. they have all to themselves some independent only sections.  good tables all connected together to be stocked with only Independent comic book makers that have some clout, some weight, some credibility.  and due to some scheduling conflicts they have a couple of open tables at each of these shows.  I posted this and basically said that if you are an aspiring comic book makers or an independent publisher of any level and you think you have good stuff you should contact Steve.  if he likes your stuff he'll let you in on this "cheap" and i went so far as to say i'd pay for half of your table at Pittsburgh if steve and i agreed that you deserved a shot.


as far as i know Steve got ZERO response.  so my question is...what kind of lazy pussy would see this post and not jump at this opportunity?  i think back to all the trials and risks i took to get Arsenic Lullaby off the ground...i would work an 10 hour shift at a garage, then drive all night to a convention with only enough money in my pocket to pay for the gas to get there...meaning the only way i'd get home was if i moved some books.  risky? stupid? not if you believe in what you do and have some balls.  And when you are an independent no one is going to help you.  YOU have to MAKE things happen, you have to take some risks and do some unorthodox and possibly stupid stuff or you might as well never start.  If an opportunity like this was presented to me back then, Steve would have had to take his phone off the hook because i would call every four hours to make sure he didn't change his mind.  

First off these are credible shows, and the show in New York is chuck full of not only larger publishers that might be convinced to publish or hire you but will be attended by several reps from DIAMOND COMICS know the distributor that all you pussies wanted me to bitch at for raising their quotas and cutting you all off.  here is your chance go to this show keep a crowd around your table at show Diamond that they made a big mistake and convince them to carry your book...or maybe just shove it up their ass.  Second you are going to be next to most likely the biggest independent draw  ME (i'm not sure when that happened or how...mostly attrition) which is what you want.  you want readers walking by your booth who are willing to try something new, strange, non -mainstream and that is the definition of an Arsenic Lullaby reader.  so what's the problem you fags? you pansies?  are you so unconfident in your own book that you won't shell out a few bucks for a table?  than why should anyone give you a second look? afraid to find out what kind of face to face response your web comic will get?  then you might as well delete everything on your computer but the porn.  afraid to pay to put out an actual tangible book?  if you have a good book you shouldn't have any fear at all... you should get a table, show up, puff your chest out and stick your book in peoples faces...or admit to yourself right now that you don't have what it takes and never pick up a pencil or mouse again for any creative reason. 

because if you can't get your act together for an opportunity like this than you will ALWAYS...ALWAYS be a wanna be, a ham and egger, loser, pussy who's work will never be read by more than his circle of friends. just thinking about this is making me sick.  there are people out there telling themselves that they are artists, creators, writers, INDEPENDANT PUBLISHERS...who see this and just crawl back in there holes.  you are nothing, you are worms.  you are not willing to cough up the dough and make an effort to go to a show that will be attended by just about everyone who could possibly help you reach your dreams.  the first year I went to San Diego cost me 3000.oo, 3000.00 that i would have to work, cheat, beg, borrow, and steal to come up with, and i was going to be surrounded by people who thought i was a jackass and competing with Johnenn Vasques and Roman Dirge...i didn't worry about any of that crap, i just focused on the fact that this was my opportunity to kick some doors in for myself. I went, sold everything i had including the voodoo joe shirt i was wearing (true story) and the rest is history.

how about you?  are you going to take a risk?  are you going to EARN the things you've been calling yourself- "artist" "writer" "independent creator" or are you going to be a laughable little jerk off who doesn't even believe in himself enough to take one trip to one show? Or one extra show as the case may be.  let me tell you a little secret about comic books and recessions...when people can't afford high dollar forms of entertainment they go back to cheap forms of entertainment like oh...comic books.  every show we've been to since the "recession" hit has be our best return at that show. now is the time to attack.


Steve is trying to do something special here...he is trying to band together quality independent guys and bargain for good prices and good spots by using our combined clout...what kind of dumb asshole wouldn't want to get in on this. and i know alot of you think i'm an ass...that should have no bearing on this whatsoever...I've been next to alot of people i thought were assholes, all the better way to steal their readers. 


look, i'm done with comics, so i don't really give a shit other than someone out their should be stepping up to the plate and taking my place. get off your Steve and get in on one of these shows.  and make sure you tell him to lie to me and say that you where on board before i wrote this blog...because if i find out you had to be shamed into getting in on this i will probably spit in your face.



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