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how many times must i go over this OR it about the CASH muther f@ckers...THE CASH.


You know, nothing irritates me more (and yes i am well aware that i use that phrase very often towards many many things) than having to repeat myself. ESPECIALLY were Arsenic Lullaby is concerned.

let's start with the cartoon...some of you are still confused or have just now gotten wind of the notion that we are animating Arsenic Lullaby, and are full of questions. are currently AT the arsenic lullaby web site were i PURPOSFULLY leave all the blogs up so that people can go back and read things they may have missed. there are also lot's of links up on the main page...SO...figure it out. i'm not going over it again here. find the information yourself or just start a rumor, i don't care. i've done more than i should to downplay all of this. if you a-holes want to make knee jerk assumptions about what we're doing, what's going to happen, knock yourselves out.

now then ...i'd like to focus on some vapidness that keeps coming my way. phrases like "hey i hope it does well" or "i can't wait to see it" or "i support your work". in fact let's just focus on that last one. if i've hear ONE douche bag say "i support independent (pick your medium ...comics, films, music)" then i;ve heard a thousand of them say that. so let's focus on what they mean by support. NO...let's focus on what IS support. support is CASH. by wanting to "support", you are implying that you want to keep that thing going and growing. well, do you think your well wishes are going to pay for more comics to be printed? more indy CD's to be burned? hmmmmmmm? do you think your pat on the back and saying "good job" Does JACK SQUAT in the way of actual "support"? musicians, artists, and comedian have to PAY RENT. they are doing what they do FOR A LIVING...FOR CASH. not for pats on the back and "good jobs". if you SAY you support someone's work and don't SPEND ANY CASH...your are a jerk off or a lier.Do i sound like a prick? GOOD allow me to be the prick that every other indy musician, artist, writer, or comic would LOVE to be. Because i am in the rare position of A- having a readership that can handle abuse/truth and B-having a large enough readership that if the ones who can't handle abuse/truth leave i won't notice.

pay attention here you non creative is EXCATALLY THE POINT were you're favorite comic, musician, artist, decides that you are an asshole.

"hey i really love your work...that one thing you did was GREAT! GREAT SHIT MAN!"

"thanks thanks allot, hey would you like to pick up a t-shirt/cd/comic/tickets to the next show ect ect.?"

"i'd like to but i'm broke"

you're broke?....GO FUCK YOURSELF! a t-shirts is what? ten to twenty bucks? same for a CD? how much are you going to spend on junk food this week? if you go to mcdonalds twice you could have bought SOMETHING that they guy or girl was selling SO THEY COULD HAVE PUT MORE CASH IN THE WARCHEST TO ADVANCE THIER WORK THAT YOU "SUPPORT".

that is what they are thinking...pure and simple. they are thinking that you are full of hot air and when the rubber hits the road you don't give enough of a shit about what they do to pass up fast food next week.


now ...there are they know you already have everything they put out or you help in other they way "i tell all my friends" does NOT count as help UNLESS at least ONE of them spent some CASH.

all of you independent publishers, musicians and what have you can thank me personally via e-mail.

this got stuck in my craw this week because two people who will remain nameless, because i can't remember their names. posted something on my facebook page. I posted that we may be distributed in Spain soon and they both replied "you need to distribute to my mailbox". many times and ways can i explain how to get Arsenic Lullaby? these two expect me to personally set up some sort of subscription service? how much fuckin spare time do you people think i have in between Mad Magazine, this blog, the podcast, Arsenic Lullaby's behind the scenes work, the cartoon and eating? i'll tell you how much ZERO. you can't manage to google Arsenic Lullaby for sale, and get a copy on your own?...then tough shit.

thier level of "support" doesn't even extend to typing "arsenic Lullaby" on ebay.

now maybe these two are being unfairly singled out and have some legitimate reason why they are asking me. but believe me if i had ten dollars for every jerk off who e-mailed me asking how to get arsenic lullaby (you have to be online to e-mail right? you have to be sitting in front of the greatest research/locator device ever created by man) i'd be able to retire by now. then, and this is going to sound like a real self serving end to this blog but i assure you the timing just worked out this way. we have all sorts of stuff up on ebay right now. INCLUDING...hand drawn cells from the cartoon, AND zombie fetus statues. the statues turned out REAL good. the picture doesn't do them justice. you know by now that i don't put out crappy products and i don't pat myself on the back too much or raise much hay about merchandise. i publish great comic books, the other merchandise is a necessary evil. BUT ...these statues are really cool. they are 5 or 6 inches tall, the detail came out great. we're only doing 305 of them which means allot of people aren't going to get one...escpecaly people who wait to see us at a convention. just think back now to all the times you can up and asked stuff like

"do you have any zippo lighters left?" or "do you have the page where Voodoo joe makes the fetus jello mold?" or "do you have issue number blah blah blah?" or "do you have the shirt were Joe is eating the mermaid?"

and we said "nope...sold out"

and you said "are you going to redo it?"

and we said "...uhm...aybe, but probably not"

We don;t redo allot of stuff because old stuff bores me. SO ...right now, there are some zombie fetus statues up on ebay, and some animation cells. by themselves they are pretty cool BUT if you think that this cartoon might go somewhere...then you would be a total dope to not grab one. so there is that.

and on a side note...we will be debuing the cartoon at Comic-Con International. the bigger our warchest the better our display will be, and the bigger the splash we will make at that show, and the better our odds of this Cartoon finding a home were it won't get watered down so much. so there is that on top of that.

the next two months are possibly the most important in our ten years of putting out these stories. if you were ever going to help break the door open, now would be the time to square up your should and let fly.


comments? concerns?



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