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let's take this hill!.

Okay NOW (march 28th-june 20th) is the time i need you all to spread the word about the new issue.  Here's how the magic of Comic book distribution works...RIGHT NOW the current distribution catalogue PREVIEWS MAGAZINE is in the hands of your local comic book store.  they place their orders between may 28th and June 20th for books (ARSENIC LULLABY OMEGA INCLUDED) shipping in July/August.  Usually you can also place reorders if you miss this date, BUT that didn't seem to be the case with the last issue.  i got alot of people and stores ordering right from me because they couldn't re-order it from Diamond distribution.  Diamond said "oh yes they can"...the stores said "oh no we can't you won't let us" Diamond said "you must be doing something wrong"

whatever the case it helps me a whole lot more if you all order now.

so...let's start off with making sure every person who is already a fan of arsenic lullaby finds out the new and possibly last issue must be ordered.  mention it to anyone you can think of who also reads this comic.  mention it in posts in obvious places, like message boards of JTHM, or Lenore, or Milk and Cheese, or invader Zimm.  mention it on horror web sites, or where ever you can think of.

if your store has a crappy newsletter, ask them to mention it.  if you are a member of the comic book press I'd be happy to do an interview.  if you are a member of a fan club of have a little website or myspace's about a blog?  get creative.  use samples from this page if you like to drive the point home about how this is a decent book worth ordering.

If you want to help but aren't sure how or aren't comfortable posting all over hell, e-mail us and we'll find something for you to do.

this is the last issue for the foreseeable future, and i need it to sell a ton because-

A-this cash is going directly into making the cartoon. (in case you missed it in other blogs-after this convention season is over i will be giving mysell a promotion, from indy comic book publisher to indy cartoon studio) remember i fund this myself i am at this point my only investor if this book does not sell well-no cartoon, and i quit.  If it does sell well-cartoon that is well produced and deadly funny.

B-I need to really impress the distributor...because i'm going to be needing them to bend some rules for me when the cartoon dvd comes out. They are reasonable folks over there, if they are reminded that i make them alot of cash...they'll play ball.

C-it's a really good issue.  anyone who has every read an issue, particularly people who like voodoo joe, will really want to get this book.  

you can keep getting info on the book every Friday here.  and on Monday we'll have a flyer that you can print up and hang at your dorms, break room, comic book store, or where ever.

so how's about a little help out there.

everybody put a hand in...whooooooooaaaaa BUNDY!


comments? concerns?