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 ...OKAY...maybe it's cabin fever or something.  i'm in my office drawing some preliminaries listening to talk radio.  I love talk radio, and before you lefties chime in "oh THAT explains it" i don't listen to right wing stuff all that much.  Rush is entertaining, and Savage is great, but my all time favorite is Steve Dahl (a lefty).  he is/was (just got kicked off the air..again) out of Chicago.  i listened to him WAY back when i was just a kid.  I'd take out my crappy am hand held radio and carefully thumb the dial until it was a clear as humanly possible.  you young whipper snappers out there don't understand the lost art of tuning in a radio with your ear and steady hand. you with all your fancy DIGITAL BUTTONS, AND DIGITAL RADIOs...feh!

anyway, Steve was on in Chicago and you couldn't always get that station in.  you had to tune it just right and still you would get static and humming/squealing faintly in the background.  but over the years i have gotten so good at this that i knew by the squeal/hum if i was getting close.

the radio in my office sucks and it has a old school dial tuner.  so i'm bored and out of curiosity i try to tune in the Chicago station to see if any of the new hosts are any good.  i get some radio show with a liberal guy and liberal woman talking about how the republicans are standing in the way and the democrats aren't being aggressive enough.  to which i think "welcome to my world..bush and the republicans had total control for 6 years and didn't do shit...better get used to it, they are POLITICIANS..they don't do shit"  but i continue to listen and the host, some woman, seems bright and pleasant...even charming.  They cut to a commercial break and announce that i am listening to air America "oh" i think to myself that makes sense but who's the broad?" they come back from the break and tell me that i am listening to the Raceal Maddow show. 


the same not really attractive Racheal Maddow that i have some weird crush on (see previous blogs). She's not unattractive mind you...just not know...of all the women on t.v. to covet there is no reason i should be interested in her above the others . So what's this all about?

 the real test will be if i tune in tomorrow, as i now know when and  where to find her on the radio.  if i take down my fiona apple poster and put up a racheal Maddow poster...someone start an intervention...i wonder if she is on "myspace".

the worst part...i was really getting some good work done while she was on.