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the metaphor is my sword and my shield -or- talking them out of talking me into it

hold on now...just a second. a fools errand.

i'm just gonna step back put my ol' sword back into the sheath and whistle on down the road cause this isn't my fight.  i got plenty on my plate as it is.

i don't need to go charging up another mountain swinging my long sword against all odds like an idiot. it didn't work before...i have no reason to think it's gonna work this thanks. 

i didn't ask for this.

NO no i didn't.  i asked for this a long time ago sure.  i recently asked for something SIMILAR to this...but not this.  no THIS is a twightlight zone version of what i asked for and you know it. this is like the twighlight zone episode when that guy asked to be big and became big and the next phone call was a job offer to be a jockey. 

it doesn't matter what i want it, can't be done.  there no way i can get up that hill without getting disemboweled.  not me.  someone else maybe. yeah, why doens't someone else do it if it's so great huh?  weren't ready for that question were ya?  why doesn't someone else do it.

unique my ass!  there are other people cut from the same clothe as me out there.  here...give the sword to one of them.  cause if i go runnin up there i'm just going to catch an axe in the head.

it doesn't matter if it's worth it...i can't do it.  i'm not good enough...AND you should probably be ashamed of yourself for bringing me here.  it's sick.  it's like putting a bottle in front of an alcohalic. 

not me pal, someone else.  someone else can go brave the slings and arrows and reap the GREAT FUCKIN REWARD too.  i'll shake their hand and buy 'em a drink when they're done.


not me.  i'll happily wonder "what if" and think "that could be me"...and then LAUGH.


not this time.






better chance my ass!

...cause i've done it before?! because i've DONE IT BEFORE?!! that's MY point.   i've done it before and that's why i ain't doing it this time.  i've gotten hit in the face with enough axes thank you very much.


see this?  this is me not doing it. i'll run interference...i'll shoot some arrows from down here were it's safe.  i'll give some other sucker all the support he needs from the safety of this tent. i'll sharpen the blade for him, or pound out some armor for him to vain. see this? this is my sitting back on a barrel and shouting encouragement!  go! go! you can do it! think of the glory!  think of how great it'll be when you get to the top!


get me some mead...cause frankly  i can't even bear to watch this happen sober.

no no no.

don't show me any picture, i'm not looking i'm not looking i'm not looking i'm not looking i'm not looking la la la la la la la

and anyway we don't even know if it's worth it.  i just looks good from down here, im not convinced once i get up there i'm not going to be wishing DID get an axe in the head.

i'm outta here, i got stuff to do.




this is me not looking back.


it's really not that high is it.. i'm leaving.



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