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"Your lazy butts are in this too."

October is going to be BETTER be ...a big month for us, because we're gonna have allot of stuff going on in December.

Trust me, that sentence makes prefect sense. Our comic book distributor Diamond Comics, has graciously agreed to put our DVD into their catalogue under the comics section even though it's not a comic book.

But Doug, when's it going to be ont TV?! something i have very little control over. We can make the DVD we can send the dvd to every tom dick and hairy in charge of development in every network conceivable but there are two things we cannot do...1- speed up the process and 2- force them to put it on their network, and actually 3- keep them from ruining it. frankly i'm a little confused as to why everyone is so stoked to see it on a network other than simple validation. i mean, i know why I want it on tv $$$$$. but the rest of you would be better off from a shear entertainment standpoint, if we had to simply keep putting them out ourselves. an average cartoon episode costs a network in the ballpark of 80,000. is a network going to hand over that budget and creative control of the episodes to a bunch of jerks from Milwaukee? i don't know, it depends on the pitch and how much they are impressed by the dvd and how much we can mask the fact that we are a bunch of jerks from Milwaukee. In my and probably you veiwpoint...their going to hand over that budget to someone ...might as well be us.

In any case it will probably be late winter early spring before we know much of anything, simply because that is when final depictions are made on new shows and scheduling and that sort of thing. i'm telling you what i know here, not what you want to hear...just like any blog. from the response we've gotten so far i'd say this has a decent chance of finding a home, what they do to it once it has that home...who can say. i said from the get go this could all be a big flop.

HAVING SAID ALL THAT...we will be doing following things while the powers that be make up their minds and realize that an Arsenic Lullaby cartoon equals $$$$...we will distribute it ourselves. which brings us to the things we CAN control. we can continue to make short cartoons, improve as we go along, and put them up on a payper download basis, run them a short film festivals, distribute dvds for sale or stick them up on other online places. what we have right now is what you call a solid infrastructure- we have great stories, a great team working on them and in 2010 we have all the outlets we could ever want to get this into the publics hands on an independent basis.

which brings us back to October....the catalogue that all the comic book stores and many of you order from that includes products shipping in December comes out in October. in that catalogue there will be a Arsenic Lullaby 450 pg hardcover collection, a soft cover version of that, a statue, AND the DVD. I /we/ you need to raise hell about all this during the month of october. I'm setting up all the interviews i can, BUT i don't know everything. If you can suggest web sites to get in contact with, (horror sites, comic book sites, indy film sites,) tell us. If you have a wacky morning radio team than might want to kill a few minutes talking to us TELL US! give us their name, station ect. if you have a college radio station or you have some way of plugging the book DO IT. IN OCTOBER. i'm giving you early warning here so you get get some things together.

as for YOU getting your hands on the DVD or seeing the cartoons ...we'll have info on that soon. three places you can get it for sure will be the following three conventions-

new york comic con

minnesota comic con

detroit comic-con (MAKE SURE YOU ARE GOING TO THE CORRECT DETROIT CON!!! NO MATTER WHAT IT SAYS OR DOESN'T SAY ON THE WEBSITES OF THE TWO COMPETING SHOW THIS IS THE ONE WE WILL BE AT the asshole who runs the other show has a habit of having names up on the guest list that are not going to be at that show.)

that's about all i can tell you right now.