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inconsistency is the hobgoblin of small minds


So...seeing as how i am at the tail end of plugging my new book it would be really unwise for me to spout off a bunch of political opinions...on the other hand, i haven't had many blogs lately that haven't been about the new book and many of you are complaining.

PLUS aside from finishing the new book, all i've had time to do is listen to talk radio. this blogs about what's on my mind at any given day, so screw it.

OBAMA...while he is at worst a communist and at best unqualified and in over his head, is doing something i approve of.

i said when bush was in office and during the election we need to start showing our presidents some respect. we need to stop the juvenile name calling and digging up of dirt or we will never attract a nominee that is worth a damn. so i want you all to take notice that i have not called him any names (i categorize him as a communist but that is a categorization based on policy ...not the same as calling him a clown or stupid or what have you) and when he does something i like i'm going to give him props for it whether i like the rest of his policies or not. IRAN is in the middle of a chaotic uprising, protest/murdering of protesters and uprisers. they are on cnn every night getting shot by thier own government for voicing an opinion and Obama is basically doing nothing and saying very little...and you know what? GOOD.

he has learned from Bush. see Bush saw people getting slaughtered by their own government and begging for help on CNN and tried to help and the whole world gave us the finger for his/our trouble. so fuck'em. I'm glad he's not getting involved it's a waste of time and we always get turned into the bad guy anyway. PLUS the guy who claims to have won the election is just as bad as the current guy and will just as quickly shoot protesters after the next election if HE has to steal it.

let these assholes fight amongst themselves. as i said, the other guy is just as bad and that makes the people who voted for him anti Semitic jerk offs/anti U.S. jerk offs as well. the more they kill themselves the less time they have to fuck with anyone else.

onto the republican governor who disappeared for four days and apparently did it to have an affair. the democrats are all over his ass...even though they claimed that things like this are a personal matter when Clinton, barney frank, Ted Kennedy and other democrats got in trouble for their affairs. it's inconsistent. i am very consistent. this asshole has got to go. sure it's a private matter BUT he is a governor...that is a job that requires good judgment and good character. disappearing for a weekend to screw some broad behind your wife's back is NEITHER. it's shady and anytime we find out one of our representatives is shady we need to get rid of the clown. because shady is as shady does. if he's doing this it's no leap of faith to think he's taking bribes or selling influence OR GETTING BLACKMAILED. he's not a rock star or a clerk at wal-mart...he's a guy with a lot of power that was elected to be a person of good character and judgement. i hope it was a good piece of ass because he needs to go.

 ..what else...oh, government health care is an idea so absurd i don't know where to begin other than no one reading this blog can honestly point to anything the government has done in their lifetime that has worked why give them more to deal with? it's like hiring someone to paint a fence and they burn the fence down and so you hire them to paint your house.

i've almost got the blog program figured out so soon you will all be able to comment and tell me how full of crap i am...til then just hang in there

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