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First off let me say that if I can help myself, unless something is just burning me in my guts and I know my bitching about it will be really entertaining or enlightening, you won’t hear anything from me about politics.  I know I already said that last week, but I’m reiterating that for a reason.  I went onto another comic book site today (name withheld because it’s not worth plugging), I was basically looking around to see how other people have their sites set up, and the whole main page was just rant after rant about the election and politics.  It was set up so that the focus of the main page was the daily blogs which where all just pissy, snotty comments on politics.  And I couldn’t help but think…”gah…no one gives a fuck what you think about politics!  This is supposed to be a comic book page…what does any of this have to do with politics?!  This is lame and self serving…if I wanted to read about the election I could go to the drudge report or cnn or bbc.”


So even though my blogs are infinitely more insightful and entertaining even when focused on politics than this one it was, it was still a stark wake up call.  I’m supposed to be plugging my book, talking about how it’s made, or making with the funny.


So onto that… my writers/illustrators block is still lingering and I have tried just about everything including moving my entire office back into the basement.  I have gone back to my roots.  Ten plus years ago when I first entered this industry I and my partners set up shop in a damp spider infested basement and after a few months of cleaning and organizing, it was a damp spider infested basement with two tables a bunch of auto parts  a few bullet holes (accidents happen…especially when you are the only inhabited house on the block and you know no one can hear your antics) and possibly a boa constrictor.  (it got lose…we never found it…and frankly we didn’t look very hard because it turned out to be a pretty boring pet).  Anyhoo, time marched on and everywhere I moved I just set up shop in the basement so I wouldn’t be disturbed. 


Then shortly after my divorce I realized I didn’t have to freeze my ass off in a basement because the entire apartment was all mine!  " HA! Take that!"  I thought, as I moved all my crap into the living room, turning what was a semi decent apartment into a pathetic crowded mess that has no bearier between my work and my free time.  Where crumpled up pieces of paper with horrible things scrawled on them freely trickles into the rest of the living room, where a desk full of empty energy drink cans and paint fumes shouted out to all visitors “I don’t have time to deal with you right now, I work 24 hours a day and even now while you are talking I am thinking about how best to draw a refrigerator”.  You know how you hear stories about people getting lost in the woods hunting or camping and come unglued, they become so disoriented and scared that they end up shooting at the search party…I had the apartment equivalent of that.


But no more, am back down in the basement…and has it helped my writers block?  Not really.  And the real irritating thing isn’t that I am drawing a blank, because that would be fine.  If I had no ideas than I would just say to myself “well I guess that’ all I’ve got …I’m all used up” and I would go back to auto repair with a big smile on my face.  But I actually have been getting really good premises and kernels of ideas and I just can’t seal the deal on them.  I think any writer out there would agree that this really is a fate worse than death- having an idea you know is really good but only being able to get it to turn out okay…knowing that somewhere in the details you are missing the way to turn it from funny to REALLY funny. So I think it may not actually be writers block but more of me continually getting a little better and not being satisfied with average stuff…or I could just be losing my mind.  Who knows , all I do know is even though I have been working my ass off I am WAY behind.



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