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I’m trying people…I’m tying to put up blogs but I just…I got nuthin’.  I don’t know if it’s old age or I’ve finally run out of steam or what, but I just don’t have anything interesting to say or bitch about right now. 

That’s not entirely true…there are things I’d like to bitch about but the problem has become that too many people read this blog now.  The wrong people…two kinds of wrong people. 

 The first kind are people who don’t know anything about me or my comics and have just stumbled across this, or know of the book but don’t really get it and just need to waste time and happen across here while googling comics they might want to check out.  Then they read some rant of mine about whatever and I get dumbass e-mails complaining about what I said by people who are unclear as to what is or isn’t dry wit or simply can’t handle what I have to say.  See, for awhile there I had managed to weed out everyone who can’t handle a different opinion but little by little more people seep in.


The second group is more problematic.  They are people who know me personally.  See a lot of my blogs are about day to day personal stuff.  And before mr.X knew I had a blog, it was no big deal for me to get on here and bitch about mr.X not helping me move even though I helped mr.x fix his transmission…and that sort of thing. 


So…I think once the holidays are over I and going to reboot and go back to bitching about whatever and if mr.x or these Johnny come latelys get bent out of shape then too bad.  


But for now I don’t actually have much to say anyhow…HOWEVER…

Here is a link that has every blog I’ve ever done on it.  You go here, 

then scroll down a little bit until you see on your left hand side a 2 inch box with date in it that you can change and you can type any date in there in the last …uhm two years or so and read whatever was stuck in my craw at the time.


Also just put up another podcast and will TRY to put on up on X-mass day .


comments? concerns?



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