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Well it snuk up on me again!


The MNCBA Comic-con in St.Paul...THE BEST show this side of San here already! why it seems like only 6 months ago i was at the last one...oh wait i was, they changed the time of year that they are having thier show. so you LUCKY people get to see my smiling face AGAIN! TWICE in a mear few months. AND this years show with begin with a discussion panel hosted by none other than the Harvey Award Nomintaed, Eisner Award Nominated, Mad Magazine Illustrating, king of dark humor, elder statesman of indy publishing who's work being translated into Greek may be the cause of thier economic collapse...ME!

that's right i will be the lead off hitter for this years show. which means when my panel is over you can think to the words of Christopher Walken "that's as good as it's gonna get and it ain't ever gonna get that good again". I'm not sure what i'll be talking about...probably bitching about how my piers aren't fit to wash my brushes, maybe i'll complain about politics, maybe i'll just answer whatever questions you have.

this WILL be the only time i willingly discuss the cartoon. so if you have any interest in that you'd better get to this show. and get there for my panel...believe me it will be worth your while.

If you have ever had the displeasure of sitting through a discussion panel at a comic book convention you know the ring of hell it belongs in...BUT if you have ever see a discussion panel hosted by know it's actually pretty entertaining and a little scary you sort of drift from entertainent to wondering if someone will egt up the nerve to punch me in the face. most of the time i don't really plug the panels or give a rip if only ten people show up, BUT i'd like this one to be a little crowded so we can put it up on u-tube...gotta start getting people used to seeing us there.

the panel is right when the show starts so get there early and everyone who shows up gets a free Arsenic Lullaby sticker.

As for the rest of the show we will have the usual stuff...oh AND ARTWORK FROM THE CARTOON, FETUS STATUES (hopefuly ...still havin some trouble with the mold...but i'm fairly confident they will be fine) T-SHIRTS, on and maybe...just maybe...something else.

AND this year will be the first year that my dear dear friend the lovely and talented CHRISTOPHER HERNDON will be there!

alot of you folks in MN haven' had the pleasure of meeting and seeing the work of old Herndon - - well time to change that. He has done teenage mutant ninja turtles and along with myself he is responisble for brining the "zombie" back into the pop you can punch him in the face for that.

as for the rest of the show..i cannot stress enough how GREAT this show is. you know all i really do on this blog is complain so TAKE notice THIS SHOW IS ALOT OF FUN FOR EVERYBODY! it is flat out a good time.

lemme explain something to's the difference between this show and others...if you where to meet me at say...wizard world...i'd be friendly enough and draw you a sketch, but i'd be tired, annoyed, and worn down from all the bullshit involved with setting up at that show and dealing with the knobs who run it. but if you were to meet me at THIS show, i'm actually smiling, i'm laughing, i'm INTERACTING WITH MY FELLOW COMIC BOOK MAKERS...IN A POSITIVE WAY...which i can tell you is something you almost NEVER see (you wanna see the guy from Arsenic Lullaby having a conversation with the guy who draws the green lanter? this may be the only place to see it). and you're gonna get a nicer sketch because i'm not tired and annoyed. NOW multiply THAT times the other 150 comic book pros at this show and you can see why you need to MAKE IT TO THIS SHOW.

They also have a charity auction that has a pieceof work up for grabs from every pro at the show...GOOD stuff, stuff they save FOR this show. Me myself personally i have a redo of a pulp science fiction book that is pretty spectacular...and who knows what else. and the cash goes for LUPIS research.

it's this coming weekend...i myself drive there...takes about 6 hours it'll be me, my main man Chirs, and my other main man Herndon, on the road...looking for trouble...if you are within that distance...time for you OWN road trip. get your beef jerky, your energy drink, a couple changes of clothes, a sketchbook and your atm card and a few of your loser buddies and haul ass over for the best weekend you'll have withoug gettin VD.

may 15 and 16th

state fair grounds st. paul MN


comments? concerns?



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