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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 

and when she passes each time she passes...
Well, another marathon sleepless run of writing and drawing is over and the latest issue is all wrapped up.  It's good. Usually after I'm done I never want to see it again, but this one was fun and I'm nervously looking forward to cracking open an box in san diego.  Without fail several people will ask me why I put myself through this and why I didn't start earlier…to which I will reply "go fuck yourself".  It's not like rebuilding an engine or something…you can only estimate how long it will take and add to it.  and if you are always getting better than it will always take longer than you thought.  I look back at the first few issues I ever did…I could draw those now in two weeks.  The pages I did for this book took about ten hours each…plus writing.  So I haven't had anytime to blog or in some cases even respond to people but I'm back now.


I haven't done much besides work and eat in the last month or so…my daily stroll to the gas staion for food or to the gym is about all the contact with the outside world I've gotten.  And here and there I would catch a glimpse of a girl…long dark hair, nice curves, graceful.  Never getting a good look…but I would notice her noticing me.  Neither of us wanting to be conspicuous and break a stride to get a full look.  As the weeks went on and we'd keep just missing each other…she'd be joggingon one side of the street…I'd be scurring from my apartment to get to the gym to get some sort of workout before it closed.  Eventually she made the first move to wave.  It was a playful and childlike wave. I waved back and we continued on.  I got a slightly better look.  She was latin. 


It continued like this, nods, and waves,  until just the other day she stretching in front of her house…getting ready for a jog.  I was coming right down that part of the sidewalk, but her back was to me.  the timing would be such that I would walk right past her without making eye contact again.  Hmmm how could I adjust, stall maybe, nah…I'll just go forward.  Eventually we are bound to meet up…it's just the law of averages.  Through luck or her  own design she turned as I was almost on top of her and we bumped into each other.
She smile and apologized…and to my HORROR I had been flirting from afar with a retarded person.  There is an awful lot of retarded or disabled people running around in my neighborhood.  Like a lot.  Like daylight chuds or something I don't know if there is a special school around here or if the grocery chain just transfers the all to it's location by my house or what but we're crawling with 'em.  I'm starting to wonder if this is some twilight zone episode and I'll get up tomorrow and look in the mirror and my eyes'll be two inches farther apart and I'm have trouble working my toothbrush. 




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