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why am i putting the news here?...since this site has a section on the website named "news".  we'll i don't know. it's all part of the haphazard redundant mess that is- me using the internet.  see when you can just copy and paste you don't really have to think things through and formulate a plan.  if Patton could just "copy and paste" troops he wouldn't have had to decide between moving into Berlin and fortifying supply lines and we would not have had to split up Germany into two parts and perhaps could have avoided the entire cold war.   so i am going to learn from history and just copy and paste...PLUS lately more and more people are showing up at this i would be foolish to not mention important things that benefit me here...speaking of more and more people coming here.  i have noticed that people who know me come here instead of actually talking to me. 

that's...not very reassuring.  i checked in on my facebook account (which i rarely do because facebook is for boring grown ups) and some of my regular old friends are joining the "arsenic lullabies" fan page..  what's up with that.  that's wierd isn't it? hey, Dave...anytime you want to hang out you can.  people who know me shouldn't consider themselves fans right?  i suposed i could look at that and be flattered or take it as a show of support...which is probably how it was meant but...i can't shake the feeling that virtual Doug is more well liked than actual often does this exchange happen---

 "hah! that thing he wrote was funny," 

"it sure was...well let's go to the game. i sure wish we could find a use for this extra ticket" 

"...maybe we can scalp it"

now that i think about it I don't really understand it when people who know me ask for autographs, do you need to prove you got the book from me?  i can just come over and tell whoever it is that "yes i gave you the book personally"  although i don't really get into the autograph thing anyway so maybe i'm missing the whole fact i'm sure i am. i know sometimes the autograph makes the book worth more...but again, if you know me you know that my signature usually makes things worth less...especially checks.  of course usually i put a skecth in the books too so i can understand wanting that...yeah maybe everybody just knows at this point that if i sign something i sketch in it too so you actually get a free illustration. then i can see it.  or maybe they think it's just customary to ask.  that's probably it.  maybe someone can explain the whole autograph thing to me...autographs in general because i never think to ask for them when i get stuff.  i'm going to get leinel Yu's autograph (the new, that guy can draw litter and a cluttered alley like no one else)...but that's a mission now.  i just was going to get it in passing, i like his work and got a hardcover version of it for half price at a show and thought "wow...this is kinda fancy...i should get him to sign it or something the next time i see him. but something always happens to thrawrt that notion ( me forgetting the book, him missing the show, ect ect) so now it is  more about finishing a choir and less about the joy of having the book autographed. 

One time some readers brought me over to their house for dinner and then wanted a picture of me in their house, as proof i had been there...i never really think of myself as being that sort of celebrity...and no one who knows me will find it odd that i showed up for a free meal.  you don't need a picture to prove that one. no one is going to say "no way, Doug didn't come to your house eat your food, watch your HBO and then leave...LIES!" I guess when you look at my body of work you could think I'm a big deal but...i suppose i should eat that stuff up and let it feed my ego but i'm just not wired that way.  i feed my ego by being better that my "piers" which brings us to our first bit of news

 those of you who are comic book professionals or who can convince the Harvey Awards committee that you are a comic book professional can go to and download a ballot and vote for Douglas paszkiewicz for his work on Arsenic Lullaby in such categories as

 Best cartoonist

special award for humor in comics

best writer

best illustrator

and whatever else

and regular readers know that i don't give a rip about awards but it is good publicity and THIS award is voted on by the other comic book makers out their, so it does hold a little weight even in my mind. however...seeing as how over the years i have managed to piss off just about everyone who is a comic book professional...ANY of you out there willing to give us a vote or who can con their way in and vote for us...that would help out alot.

the Harvey awards are named after Harvey Kurtzman from the old days of Mad Magazine not Paul Harvey who just in peace Paul...

and for those of you who are always looking to read our old stuff

SOON (like this month) old material/back issues will be available for Download on

and on you'll have to pay like a dollar for 40 pages.  i'll let you know when they are actually up

and supposedly will soon be running colored version of some of our strips as well...those will be free a new one every two weeks is the plan.


we have an interesting item up on ebay right now.  see back in the old days printers used actual cameras and film to print comic books from, not scanners and Photoshop.  a while back one of our printers gave us all of our old film and we sold most of it off. but when i moved my office i found a few pieces that got shuffled into old car magazines.  you be amazed all the stuff that i could make money off of that have been used as bookmarks or to mix paint on. 

so up on ebay now is the film from my ONE double page spread. is is a parody of hungry hungry hippos using hitler, stalin, hussien, and pol pot as the hippos and refugees as the balls that the hippos eat. funny stuff.  actualy it is pretty funny when you actually see it. keyword arsenic lullaby

like most of stuff we put on ebay it's on ebay because i'm sick of looking at it and it's priced to move.  it started at 5$...which is a steal..hell this is the film with actual silver in it so you can ward off a vampire with it if you need to.


okay...this is the last last note...i need a couple of volunteers who know flash...and someone who is real good at research.



comments? concerns?