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"not everyone who claims to be your friend is actually your friend"

a continuing plea in my blogs and podcats is for you people out there to THINK and to NOT BE USED.

submitted for your education is a recap of my experience at a vietnam soilders celebration the past weekend. it was called - LZ Lambeau. LZ as in landing zone and Lambuae as in lambeau feild where this particular event took place. it is a traveling event and in each city it is called something different LZ detroit or LZ chicago or what have you. and what they had was a collection of vietnam era military equipment to look at and places to donate funds for this or that vietnam veterans themed charity, and a USO style show to cap off the night. The basic gist of the event was to give those veterans the homecoming that they never got because a bunch of crusty hippies spat on them.

i walked around and it all seemed fine until the USO show started and that's when my BS detector started going off. the keynote speaker was a guy who won the medal of honor and he told the crowd about how he lost his hand, and several other people came up with stories about how they lost body parts or lost friends or the horrors they saw and they shitty reception they got when they got home. then some B list country singers came out and sang about how awful vietnam was for these men and how they got a shitty reception when they got home. it was at that very point that i realized that my stings where being pulled. now i was there because i support these men and AGREE with what was being said ...AND YET...something was i did what i always scream for you people to skeptical and THINK.

i realized that these veterans where being SPIT ON AGAIN. this whole celebration was nothing more than a thinly veiled ANTI VIETNAM WAR PROTEST. instead of spitting on the troops they used crappy music and sentimental pap to drive home their point that the war was a disaster that the men all suffered and basically nothing was accomplished and we should all feel sad.

at no point did i hear stirring stories of heroism that changed any course of battles, at no point did i hear any stories of innocent villagers being saved, at no point did they mention the scores of innocent people who where able to flee the RUTHLESS MURDING GENOCIAL MANIACS who where invading the parts of that country our men where defending. much GOOD was done in that war. MANY lives where saved...WHY WASN;T ANY OF THAT BROUGHT UP?! i'll tell you why ...because this wasn't about celebrating those men it was about how war is bad...always. AND it was a thinly veiled commentary on our current conflicts.

the most irritating part was the 12000 plus empty chairs that they had set up on the field. each one representing a POW. the governor came out and had the Wisconsin national guard march out, salute the crowd and the TURN AND FACE THOSE CHAIRS. and then he explained to the guard what the chairs represent. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED THIS WAS SEDITION AND BOREDLINE TREASON. this wasn't meant to boost their moral, this was not meant to inspire them. these national guard troops might very well be in the middle east soon in a conflict of their own and bringing them out and making them look at empty chairs that represent missing troops is SICK. IT'S FUCKING SICK.

those troops SHOULD have marched out and been told stories of valor and courage and the triumph of the human spirit ...i'm sure every vietnam vet in that crowd had a few they could have told, but INSTEAD...THEY HAD A GUY WITH A HOOK FOR A HAND TALK ABOUT HOW HIS CHOPPER GOT SHOT UP. this wasn't for the vets this was an anti war protest that the vets where tricked into participating in. PERIOD.

and as near as i could tell i'm the only one who figured it out.

on a side note...ARE YOU TELLING ME WE HAVEN'T COME UP WITH ANYTHING BETTER TO REPLACE A HAND WITH THAN TWO LITTLE HOOKS? ARE YOU SHITTY ME?! IT'S 2010 FOR FUCKS SAKE. i could go in my garage right now and get out my welder and parts from some old drills and hinges and make this guy something better than TWO FUCKING HOOKS. this guy wasn't a CIVIL WAR VET. those hooks where either for show or his health care insurance is based in Bangkok.

In any case let this be a good lesson for you people whether you are liberal, conservative or otherwise ...these "events' and "protests" that you get involved in may just be RUN BY YOUR ADVERSARIES, or people who are just using you to get re-elected or just want your money. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. DON'T LET YOURSELVES BE SPOON FED A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT JUST BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WITH THE SPOON CLAIM TO BE ON YOUR SIDE.

The only way this country works is when we refuse to be sheep. QUESTION EVERYTHING.

on a lighter note. and i haven't tried to find it myself but one of the songs that were sung was called "empty boots" and it was SUPOSED to tug at your heartstrings. and it might have if it weren't so freaking ridiculous. the lyrics actually made me laugh ...i had to put my head in my hands and hid my laughter. AND it went on forever. if you can find it give it a was, i think, the thing that brought me out of my patriotic stupor and realize that something screwy was going on.

to all the vets out there who attended this function my small gift to you this memorial day week is my vigilance, and the knowledge i am passing along that if you are thinking about attending one of the "LZ"'s you are only being spit on again. don't go. and if you do go don't listen to all that sad sack shit. this conflict mattered, lives where saved, there are hmong and vietnamese people and children of theirs who are alive now because you stalled off that take over long enough for them to escape that hell hole and the genocide that was forthcoming.

I'd like to remind you of that, and thank you for it. and i'd love to get some e-mails about the good that was done. I will post it here (i'll leave your name out if you like). i'm sure ONE brief e-mail would be more uplifting to your fellow vets and informative to those of us who where born after this conflict than a dozen half assed USO shows with bad vietnam folk music and jimmy hendricks impersonations.


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