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screw it i'll  just lose all my readers.


 "i liked you blogs better when you where just talking about your everyday life"

yeah well that's great but i don't feel like talking about my everyday life right now.  first off, i got stuff going on that i don't feel like broadcasting and second all i'm doing right now is drawing and hating the cold.

you want my everyday life...last night i had a dream i was a baboon and i was fighting some squirrels and i woke up swinging at the air and's that for too much information?  run that through the old dream analyzer, i bet it tells you a bunch of stuff i didn't want to know.  

I put on twenty pounds somehow in like three months and none of my clothes fit correctly, or maybe the DO fit correctly and i've just never had clothes fit me before.  i do know that when they tear that means they don't fit and i've torn the ass out of two pares of pants and almost every shirt i won now has tears in the shoulders or arms.

some douche at the gym asked me if i was talking steroids, this would be a reasonable question if i went from 150 to 200...but going form 130 to 150 should just be chalked up to getting old.  The bitch of it is i haven't gotten any stronger. when your 130 and you are dumbell pressing 80 pounds on each arm it's impressive and scary.  but as i top out at 150 it's just sort of respectable.  also i was sort of shooting for 150 pounds for years... i thought 150 would be alot bigger, but as it turns out it's only big enough to ruin my clothes.  AND what do i do now?  i reached my what?  do i just keep going to the gym out of habit like a dog pissing on the same tree. yeah...probably because if i stop then all the weight will go away, maybe.  

then i got a bunch of e-mails that go like this.."Diamond comics is cutting us out of the catalogue boo hoo waa waa"  okay...that isn't an exact quote but for the sake of this blog that's pretty much close enough.  

what happened is Diamond comic book Distribution (this is the big one and for the time being the only one that you can make a living using) raised it's sales quotas to like 6000.00 an item.  that means in order for them to carry your book it needs to make over 6000.00 retail.  and a lot of independent publishers are screwed and worried and some of them are crying to me about it, as if what i say is going to make a difference.  "diamond likes you can't you cry to them ofr us?  because we are to scared to plead our own case"  again that's not an EXACT QUOTE.  and first off Diamond doens't like me or dislike me.  i make them money so they keep me around.  your first mistake is thinking this is personal. 

 well i will comment on this...GOOD. GOOD!!!! why would i care?  if you can't generate 6000.00 retail you should have the dignity to get the fuck out of the industry anyway. even if you sell single issues (and in this day and age i cannot understand why you would do this anyway) that's what? 3.50 issue?  are you telling me with all the power of the internet you can't sell 1500 fuckin issues?  then guess what? your book  probably isn't any good, OR you're doing something very wrong.  when i started doing this there weren't even any comic book web sites for crying out loud, i had to advertise by mailing out flyers so don't bitch to me.  get your head out of your ass make your book better get, smarter with the advertising or smarten up and realize this isn't your thing.  

and why the hell are you doing this if you don't have goals far and above 2000 readers anyway?

all this tough talk i get in my e-mail and at conventions all you people with your web-comics that have 40,0000000000000 hits a day that think that makes you something.  Now you're all crying to me because diamonds going to cut you or diamond won't carry you.  I've been trying to explain for YEARS to some of you that hits on a web site don't mean SHIT!  why do you think i don't care how many myspace friends i have or how many hits my website gets?  because it doesn't mean anything.  BECAUSE IT COSTS NOTHING to click on a web site.  you put a price on your book and then you find out what people really think.  because if they really like your work they will pay for it.  the ultimate judge of you work is how many people will put down their hard earned money to take it home.

and also...why would i be against Diamond cutting out a big chunk of my completion?  their catalogue used to be the size of a phone book, you couldn't find your own fuckin book in there.  so if they are going to cut people out and eventually get a manageable sized catalogue GREAT!

but don't think i'm a total dick, i will give some advice to you people on the cusp...i suggest you listen because often in life you get the best advice from people who don't give a crap what you think of them.  

here it goes- stop treating this like a hobby, this is an industry and it is competitive. if you think you and your four loser buddies are going to crap out a comic book in between smoking pot, screwing the new broad at work, and final exams then forget it.  

1-you cannot do this by committee. two of you TOPS.  no more than two

2-you have to have to work your ass off and save a shit ton of money and come home and work your ass off and make a REALLY good comic book. 

that means LEARN YOUR CRAFT this is a skill, story telling is hard especially without sound...

that also means you better have a worthwhile idea. if you are going to puke up some tired old anime shit or make your version of wolverine...don't bother. make up a nice portfolio and go get work at companies that already do that. and if they don't want you then i got bad news for you probably suck. 

so that's what's going on with me...a whole lot of tiny publishers are jumping on my case and crying to me about diamond.  whoaw...i wonder if THAT was what that dream was about.  like the little publishers are the squirrels...that would make alot of sense.  and cetinally it's a better alternative than what a physiatrist would tell me my dream meant.  would have been nice if i dreamed i was something besides a baboon.