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Maybe it's because so many of my main characters are villains or maybe it's because i'm a little shady myself but the motives of the evil a-holes around the world are always transparent to me.

recently Kim the dictator/a-hole of N.Korea caught a couple of American journalists attempting to tell the rest of the world and the north Korean population that they are starving and being brainwashed.  I addressed WHY communism puts a lockdowm on free speech in an ealier blog but i'll recap in one sentance.  

Communism doesn't work, and when it fails the only people who are benefiting are the people in charge, and the only way to stay in charge is to keep the people ignorant from the fact that democratic countries aren't living in the miserable conditions that they are. 

So Kim catches these two...what does he do with them?  If he keeps them it polarizes other free countries against him and reminds us all what a bunch of bullshit communism is.  He isn't going to get much for them, they are American hostages, and while the U.S. may play a little ball to get them back the Europeans and the rest of the ninnies at the U.N. don't give a rats ass about us and won't peal back any restrictions on N. Korea for their sake.  

So he takes a look at the current U.S. leadership.  A big part of Asian Philosophy is to keep your enemy confused. People are starting to realize Obama is in over his head and is weak...if he gives them back to Obama it will strengthen him.  If he gives them back after speaking with some republican diplomat it helps thier cause.  BUT if he gives them back to Bill Clinton...well that just makes a big mess doesn't it.

It helps drive a wedge into the democrat party (those who think Obama is a mess and those who are sick of Clinton).  It stirs up the bees nest of the republican party as many will refocus on how much they can't stand Bill, and stop momentarily, their efforts to block Obamas harebrained schemes.  And while all this goes on, somewhere underground he continues to build warheads to sell to some middle eastern A-hole who will use them on the first Jewish town that pops into his head.

all this for the price of two reporters risking their lives to tell us things we should already know and understand.

and as long as i've wandered into is something i haven't heard anyone mention with this healthcare bill...WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GET ALL THE DOCTORS?!

if we get 60 million new people with health care...who's going to "care" for them?  I'm just being pragmatic here.  Once the government is involved you can bet your ass the salaries of doctors is going to go down or at least get a ceiling.  the big plus of going to medical school for 25% of your adult life is you get the big $$$.  but once there is a ceiling on that $$$ and you spend half your time dealing with a government agency (doctors complain NOW about paperwork...imagine that pile of forms once the team that gave us the D.M.V. gets involved) the appeal of becoming a doctor will drop to just below that of they guy who cleans out the monkey cage.  and even if it just stays level we still WON'T HAVE ENOUGH DOCTORS.  because we don't have enough doctors now.  imagine the emergency room and e.r. when the masses of people too lazy and irresponsible to get some kind of health care (myself included) can now go whenever they get a strange twitch and have it paid for by the government (YOU).

All of the stuff our boy is proposing are things that sound great until you put them into play in the real world (...that's communism for you).  just like his "cash for clunkers" program.  where the government (YOU) pays people to turn in their old vehicles and get more efficient vehicles.  they tunr i a vehicle for trade the government (you) pays that dealership 4500.00 sounds great...except for the fact that he didn't consider how many old vehicles are actually on the road.  this program is already bankrupt and it's only been a week.  he also didn't consider A. many dealerships would skirt around the rules, make up vehicles, fill out phony VIN numbers, claim to destroy the vehicles but really resell them at auction, and on and on.  and B. he didn't consider that owning the same car for two decades has less effect on the environment than manufacturing/shipping a new car every 6 years, and the process of crushing and scrapping and shipping the scrap from the old cars.  see all of this would be okay if we where talking about several hundred cars...but we are talking about several hundred thousand cars.  that's alot of black smoke being pumped from factories, semis, scrap yards ect.  not to mention the several thousand TONS of lead from the batteries of the hybrids that we'll have to deal with in 4-6 years.

but when you haven't worked a day in your live and spend all your time in a million dollar home in the Chicago suburbs you never stop to consider that there just might be more than one or two old cars per city still on the road.

AND the vast majority of people taking the government up on this trade in ARE BUYING FOREIGN CARS.  so it's helping shovel more dirt on GM the company the government (you) now own. so the government (you) is paying people to buy products FROM IT'S OWN COMPETITION.

and one last thing...while watching a commercial for a "fuel efficient vehicle" they boasted 35mpg! wow!  i had a 64 chevy bel air when i live in Orlando, after a tune up and replacing the ignition system with a slightly hi performance ignition system it got...32mpg.  i'm not a mathematician but that doesn't seem like a big increase between my carbureted 6cyl and the computer controlled "fuel efficient" car.  you know why? because the amount of energy we get from a gallon of gas thanks to the combustion engine was already incredibly efficient.

see back when the invented the engine, they didn't just take the first substance they saw and start pumping it into the tank...they narrowed down all the combustible liquids down until they found gasoline to be the best.  they new about electricity back then too...WE ARE NOT THE FIRST GENERATION TO WANT FUEL EFFICIENCY.  we use gas because after 100 years of cars...gas is the most efficient way to power an engine.  so until someone comes up with a power source we didn't now about for 100 years...i'll keep pumping gas into my car and when the rest of you are looking at a mountain of toxic lead batteries and car bodies made out of nigh impossible to recycle plastics and carbon...don't blame me and my 30 year old el Camino.  



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