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Michael Jackson is dead...and the sooner he is rotting in hell the better. 

I can only hope that he is in hell right now being drilled in the butt by giant fiberglass statue sized children with flaming elephant trunked penises while he trembles in Mickey mouse pajamas and sobs "i just wanted to go on some rides" know what?  let's add all sorts of hideous plastic surgery to those children just to make the whole thing scarier.  and have his dreadful music in the background too.

do i sound pissed?  i am but mostly at the people who are his fans and the entire mentality of taking the side or the perp and not the victim.

the only thing worse than a child molester is a child molester that people feel sorry for.

i actually heard some dumb asshole fan of his say- in between news breaking that he was in the hospital and news breaking that he finally died -"he'll pull through, just like he's pulled through past all the other diversity in his life"



.what diversity exactly, i would have loved to ask. his dad beat the shit out of him four decades ago and he didn't have much of a childhood...just like 50% of the inner city in any state in the union. none of that gave him the right to become a goddamn super villain. and that's what he turned into. he spent his millions and billions creating some elaborate carnival in his backyard to lure children into so he could screw them. and if you are so stupid as to still believe that he wasn't molesting children then YOU need therapy. you need to sit down with a licensed head shrinker until you can allow yourself to see what is right in front of your face.

all you Michael Jackson apologists... you still press on with the silly reasons he turned himself into a monster "parental abuse" "no childhood" "he made neverland and hung out with kids because that part of his life was taken from him" you understand how many people out there (blacks in the seventies in particular) had no childhood, where abused by their parents, wish they could be kids again? non of them went batshit crazy. AND i don't give a rats ass why he went batshit crazy. the bottom line is he DID and he did horrible things to children (AND by the way made horrible music...horrible) and deserves to go to hell if any one does.

here is something you people need to learn. this is a life lesson here so listen up. it is okay to write people off. it is okay to say "this person is a bad person PERIOD end of story" and it is not your or my problem what grand recipe turned them into a bad person. this works on a grand scale like say...the leader of north Korea or a small scale like your frind who's a drunk. life is short, you are not a physiatrist or a priest, it is not your job to fix and unconditionally love everyone who wanders into your life. there is a habit that people who have happy and fulfilled lives practice that people who's lives are chaotic and filled with drama don't and that is writing people off "this person is an asshole...i am going to disassociate from this person THE END". and i mean once you realize that that is what they are there is no amount of second chances that will chance them. if you are not the reason they are an asshole i.e. you didn't abuse them, you didn't turn them into a drunk...or really even if you did it is not your job to keep them around in hopes that they get their shit together.

people rarely rarely rarely change for the better and when they do it's because everyone has shunned them to the point that all they can do is look INWARD to find out why. every asshole that you keep around is taking up space that a good person could be in. do yourselves a favor. stop making excuses for the assholes and just replace them with non-assholes. you'll be amazed how much better your life is in almost no time.

BACK to the asshole in question -Michael Jackson...and again if you don't belief he was screwing children you can't see the forest because the tress are in the way. you probably believe that O.J. was innocent. the difference here is O.J. should have plead "they had it coming" if i was on the jury and he got up and explained the situation and said "the bitch had it coming and so did he" i probably would have let him walk. Jackson on the other hand screwed sick, lonely, starry eyed children when they where most vulnerable. and there is no excuse on earth why he was allowed to walk around a free man until Thursday when hopefully he fell into the waiting arms of Satan himself where the majority of the people in hell will also think he is an asshole...many of whom have been sentenced to an eternity of listening to his later albums.

here is the thing about being a conservative that seems foreign to many of you but is so so so sooo very vital when you realize that earth is NOT heaven, earth will never be heaven and there will always be assholes...we don't spend a whole lot of time or value on WHY someone does something horrible. we just look to punish them and get them away from the rest of us for as long as possible. now if we all lived forever and psychiatry had hard science backing it up...we could spend all day long figuring out why some gang banger shot an old woman in the face. we could trace it back to his childhood, or dissect his DNA and spend decades and millions of dollars fixing him and hopefully one day putting him back on the street 100% positive that he wouldn't shoot any old ladies in the face. but none of that is possible. reality is reality and the most logical thing we can do with assholes is get rid of them. every civilization since the dawn of time has come to the same conclusion...all you can do and should do is get rid of them.  this seems harsh when you think about how many years ago jackson was abused and never had a chance at a normal life...but seems VERY reasonable when you think about jackson YEARS LATER when he actually committed the crime and realize that NOTHING can be done to uncreate the monster that he turned into.

maybe they ARE victims...but they are not OUR victims...they weren't victims of the people they hurt. the are lashing out at the world and will until the day they die and it is out DUTY as a society is to keep them away from innocent people. it is unfortunate that bad things happened to them to turn them down that path...but the solution is NOT to feel sorry for them to the point of allowing them to wander free hurting more innocent people.

and if there is any justice ...followed right behind jackson into hell will be the parents of all the children who where left alone with Michael Jackson. even if there WASN'T news story after news story about what he may have done to children, anyone with any parental instinct AT ALL had to know this guy was screwed up. i mean the people who defend him flat out tell you he is screwed up...they just continue to add WHY he is screwed up as though that makes any difference at all to his victims. i would sooner leave my kids with snoop dog than with Michael Jackson. simply leaving your kids alone for a night with a person who CLEARLY AND UNDENIABLY has had a emotionally crippling childhood, has DEBILITATING self image issues, has borderline psychopathic social flaws and a borderline psychopathic inability to function in adult situations, is grounds for having your children taken away. i'm completely serious.

and all you fat lonely losers and dipshits who are morning the death of the child molesting crackpot are enablers and are at least somewhat responsible for him getting away with what ever he was doing behind closed doors.

and by the way...his music sucked. if he WASN'T a child molester you should still be ashamed of yourselves for being a Michael jackson fan. this even applies to a cretin extent to his old jackson 5 stuff. go back to that era of Motown and compare it to everything else that was going's marginal at best.

so be glad because a child molester died or be glad because a washed up musician died but either way this was a good day.




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