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You don't believe in the holocaust?

As i look back on my ten years doing Arsenic Lullaby i am reminded that i managed to do the first 7 or so without being listed as "mature audience only".  i have no actual curse words, no nudity, no sexual content or innuendo to speak of, and the gore was black and white try as they did, powers that be could not come up with any reason to list my book under that heading in catalogs and other venues even though it was/is possibly the most despicable book on the shelves. well, Finally a couple years ago some ninny called and complained that my book was anti-Semitic because it had some holocaust joke in it.  well that's a stretch really, since the point of the joke was that the nazis where evil.  if you where anti-Semitic you wouldn't actually find any humor in it.  when i write a joke it is with ONE thing in mind- FUNNY.  my politics don't enter into it- whether i'm pro choice or pro life, pro gay marriage-against gay marriage, whether the subject is black white asian or cripple i am only concerned with-FUNNY.  second, only half of the people in nazi concentration camps where Jewish, lot's of them where Christians and dissidents of which i would have been both.  

having said that i will now rant about the holocaust in a manner that many people will, in a knee jerk reaction, take as anti-Semitic...

When watching the new movie Valkyrie, or Shiendlers list and Band of brothers, and all these documentaries on the Holocaust something always jumps out at thing always makes me sick to my stomach at the human condition.  the incredible stupidity of the Jews.  the warning signs where all over the place for about five years BEFORE Hitler ultimately gained power...and they where LITERALLY written on the walls after he did.  Any Jew who didn't move or take up arms against the Nazis is as much a coward, as much an imbecile, as much a cause of the holocaust as the sub-human Nazi guards who said they had no choice.  The Hebrew 600 pages of stories about how the world hates the Jews and their struggle to survive and yet SOMEHOW they didn't see this coming?  there are accounts after accounts of other races trying to slaughter the Jews simply for being Jews since the dawn of time...any yet they stayed in Germany when there where literally posters telling them what was coming.  that is 1935 the government started passing "race laws" basically making it illegal to be Jewish...punishable by why the fuck, if you where Jewish where you even STILL IN GERMANY BY THE 1940'S TO BE PUT INTO A CAMP IN THE FIRST PLACE??   that would be like US watching movie after movie and documentary after documentary of how Hitler can to power and still allowing our government to have more power and THEN electing people we don't know about because they look good on T.V. or have a familiar last name...cough.  where where the Fathers? the Mothers? it is your job to keep your kids safe, and your government starts passing laws against Jews procreating and saying that Jewish children where equal to rodents...AND YOU DON'T PACK UP YOUR SHIT AND RUN LIKE HELL?  Cripes...just hearing people like Barney Frank say Christians are all Bigots and reciting the Bible is hate speech is enough to get me squirrelly, i can't imagine hanging around if there where government posters up saying Christians where biologically inferior.  and if i DID it would be no different that me refusing to leave my village while a volcano is pouring molten lava down on it.  at some point it is my responsibility to save my own skin.

If i where a slimey lawyer...i would start a class action law suit on behalf of any family of a U.S. solider who died fighting the nazis and against any Jewsih family that was living in Germany.  IT IS YOUR JOB TO STOP THE ASSHOLES IN YOUR COUNTRY and when you fail to do that and other people have to come to your aid you should be forced to compensate them.  there where no mass large scale conflicts in the streets of Germany...there where just a whole lot of Jews being led by the nose.  for a horrific event like this to happen you need TWO parts of an equation...evil people to attempt it and good people to allow it to happen.  

i see documentary after documentary of "courageous stories" of the Jews in captivity.  learn from this...the time to be courageous is BEFORE you are in captivity.  BEFORE you are in chains.  you're first attempt should be to do all you can to keep evil assholes out of power, second keep the government and it's control as small as possible, then when things have gone beyond civility- escape or fight...there is NO logical reason what so ever to allow yourself to be rounded up in mass.  and if you have stupidly allowed yourself to be stripped of your arms then use rocks. NOW you may say "tough talk, you'd probably be the first one to piss himself" stop and think for a second...does that change the truth of anything I've said? those camps where full of people because people got in those trains. and for every Nazi Guard that wasn't killed in an uprising is one more that was available to guard Normandy beach and mow down U.S. TROOPS 

one last point...every time someone says they don't believe that 6 million Jews where killed in the Holocaust they get called a wacko and a anti Semite and blah blah blah...guess what, i don't believe it either.  because  6 million is a LOT of people to dispose of in three years AND you would have been hard pressed to find 6 million Jews in all of Europe. 

 does that mean i don't think the holocaust happened?  no...of course it happened.  Hitler was an evil asshole and so was everyone involved.  and i believe a whole lot of Jews where killed simply because they where Jews and didn't fight or run, or their parents where to stupid to fight or run.  THE POINT of refusing to over inflate the numbers is to STOP FUTURE ASSHOLES...see, when you over inflate and throw out big numbers like 6 million, then when some evil asshole in Africa, who's just starting to get his evil asshole groove on, kills 50 thousand it doesn't sound that bad...50 thousand... why, that sounds trivial to 6 million.  

give that some thought.  if they said that 50 thousand Jews where killed by Hitler and you heard on the news of an ethnic cleansing in Africa of 50 thousand people you'd say "holy shit, we gotta to something"   but as i say, next to a number like 6 million, it hardly sounds like it's worth getting involved.  Bitching and moaning about how many Jews where killed is in and of itself helping to lead to other holocausts.

but hey, pick your want to believe that 6 million Jews where killed in those camps fine, that just emphasizes my first point...because the Solders actually involved with those camps where 10,000 or less...that would have made the Nazis out numbered by the Jews 600,000 to 1...and yet no concentration camp was rail road taken over, no train line was sabotaged...

the most sickening story i ever heard about those camps had nothing to do with people being burned, or tortured or experimented on...because that is what Evil people do...the story that makes me sick is one of the Jewish prisoners putting on a play for thier, costumes, the whole bit...THAT WOULD be the FUCKING DAY.  that would be the fucking day that you know i lost my mind, when I having been kidnapped and separated from my family, not only don't attempt to start a riot, not only don't attempt to escape the SS, the train, the camp, but PUT ON A PLAY???!!!  

in a striking contrast i also watched some prison documentary where a guy made a shiv out of jolly ranchers that he sucked on and formed into something sharp enough to penetrate skin and you can be he wasn't plannin gon using it to perform "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" for the don't tell me resistance is futile. and don't tell me you can't always see it coming, because when the governments official policy is that you are sub human- RUN or FIGHT.

here's a little tip

The British special forces handbook says that the time to attempt escape is IMMEDIATELY and OFTEN.  the solders who first come to get you are not trained to hold you.  the odds of a successful escape is very good BEFORE you reach the camp/prison.  once you are in a p.o.w. camp it is your duty to keep attempting escape so that the enemy has to use up valuable man power and resources holding you.  

but BEFORE about you don't EVER vote the government more power/control over ANYTHING...EVER.  no more money no matter who they tell you they are taking it from (the rich, the smokers, the polluters, THE JEWS) or what they are going to spend it on (the schools, the hospitals, THE MOTHERLAND).  make the government small...then evil people who manage to get into power will not be able to do as much damage...AND they might not even bother running for government office, they might just build a factory or something and treat their workers like crap. see the bigger the government is the more tempting it is to evil assholes who want to control things and be powerful.

am i making sense here?

you can't actually respond here because i haven't figured out the "blog" program but if you'd like to ignore all of my points and call me a anit-semite you can do it here

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