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i have no blog.

i think i'm getting old.

i think the fire in my belly is used up

i think i spend too much time alone.

i think i'm imagining she in this picture or am i alone.

i think i'm exhausted.

i think i can't take anymore of these horrible dreams

i think i'm tired of waking up with a knot in my gut.

i think i made too many mistakes.

i think i'd make the same ones all over again anyway.

i think i was supposed to make them.

i think i'm right were i'm supposed to be.

i think i just have to make it through the holidays.

i think i'll be fine after that.

i remember being happy.

i'm capable of it.

i think i just need some sort of spark.

i think my neighbors will be waiting for me in hell.

i think this letter from zippo was very odd (see background) it just dawned on me today, why describe the image AND quote the text? 

i think i'm tired of fighting admitting i like alica keys.

i think the cartoon is going to be really good.

i think the fact that new moon is the number one movie is proof that i'm on the wrong planet.

i think being afraid to fall asleep is making it tough to concentrate.

hey, thanks for're a good listener you know that...but i've been rude here.  what about you? lets talk about you for a second, how are you doing.  nah, i'll, be fine tell about what you've got going on.  oh my, look at the time, i gotta go but we'll talk later. i want to hear all about it i really do.  i'll call you later, gotta run.







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