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I try (believe it or not) to stay away from politics on this blog.  One- nothing irritates me more than entertainers spouting off about politics instead of entertaining me and opinion usually is at odds with 95% of my readership.  but this involves a comic book convention so I'm going to spout off.

i'm outside of Chicago comic-con, minding my own business trying to shake off a panic attack when some vendor starts up a conversation "what are you here for, how's the show, balh blah blah" then out of the blue he comes out with "so what do you think of this health care proposal?...because I'm from Canada and I've been telling people here they should really look at universal care" 

this turned out to be just what i needed to shake off the malaise. i reply "well's not universal health care it's GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE, and since our government hasn't gotten anything right since i was born...i'm against the idea of them being in charge of MORE things.  we have UNIVERSAL health care already...everyone in this country has the right to buy health care, they can earn some money, pick a provider and volia! they have health care."  

he had no response other than to repeat what he already said "well we really like ours"  

to which i reply "well, Canada doesn't have a a population of 300 million people, and a border that has it's "IN" door spinning off of it's hinges".

"well... you should still try it"

he had no reason why we should try it other than he thinks we should try it.  the real irritating thing about all this is not that he has a different opinion but that he has an opinion at all.  he doesn't live here what's it to him?  Look all you assholes in other countries...just mind your own business.  especially you countries that don't like us or disapprove of what we do.  Here is ALL you should be worrying about...taking care of your own country.  it's a real simple equation see- you make your country bigger badder and better than the U.S. and you won't have to worry about us or hear from us anymore.  you won't have to worry about us affecting you, or playing world police or any of that because YOU will be the big dog and YOU will get to deal with everything. and while i'm on that subject...all these other counties "universal" health care plans only work at all because WE still have our health care system operating under a capitalistic (open competition) WE are still competing amongst ourselves to create new pills, new machines, new techniques...that you other assholes then buy and use. for that matter most of the world EATS because our agriculture system is based on competition and is constantly competing to create better machines, better techniques, better products.  they always forget that. nothing happens in a vacuum.  the rst of the world is able to get by in the sub pare fashion that they do because WE feed them, WE (by and large) create the technological advancements (us and Japan...another capitalistic country-thank Douglas Macarthur for that one)and we come up with the ways to cure thier ills.  I left with a "we stand on our own two feet in this country...all i need the government to do is pave the roads and shoot people who want to hurt me."

I'm a live and let live type of guy.  other countries can do whatever they want as long as they leave us alone and are not on CNN every night slaughtering their own citizens, and most of the time i have no problem with that either.  in fact i like having other countries to having a different system so that we can learn from it on the off chance that they come up with something better.  WHY ON EARTH if you lived in Canada would you want the country right next to you to adopt the same health care system you have?!  If i were Canadian i'd want the U.S. to keep it's current system in case MY countries fails so that i could cross the border to use theirs.  why would you want to eliminate options for yourself? this guy is a dumbass.

and lets go back to the idea of the government running it.  all you liberals seem to think its a good idea because your boy is in charge.  what about 4 years from now?  what if Jeb Bush gets elected or Sarah Palin or Micheal Savage?!  would you want any of them in charge of YOUR health care?!! let that sink in... wouldn't you rather everything was based on competition so that you could switch if you think your current provider sucks?  and don't give me that "well you'll still have private health care" bullshit because private providers will all get driven out of business.  employers won't have the same motivation to provide private health care, it will be nearly impossible to compete with the government and the amount of red tape that a doctor will need to go through to use a private provider will eventually cause most of them to only accept government health care...or leave the field altogether. I'm not saying health care is perfect i'm saying putting the government in charge of fixing it is shear stupididty.

  let's for the sake of argument say Obama will be declared king and we won't have any republican presidents...NOTHING THIS GUY HAS TRIED SO FAR HAS WORKED...WHY SHOULD WE GIVE HIM SOMETHING ELSE UNTIL HE FIXES THE THINGS HE ALREADY TRIED TO FIX.  it is madness, to give someone a bigger project after they failed with a small one.

The problem with allot of liberal/communist ideas is that they are based on things happening in a vacuum.  THEY DON'T. everything affects everything else.  take this "cash for clunkers" plan.  you turn in your old car to buy a new more efficient car and the government pays up to 4500.00.  this is a perfect example of not taking into account that things affect other things.  the more people use this plan the worse it is.  it costs the government a ton on money that they didn't need to spend because the auto market was already making more fuel efficient cars AND it HURTS LOW INCOME FAMILIES.  HOW?  Well i don't know if you know this but low income families don't have alot of money to spend on cars...they buy low dollar USED cars from families of higher income.  so THE MORE HIGH INCOME FAMILIES THAT TURN THEIR OLD CARS INTO THIS PROGRAM TO BE CRUSHED THE LESS USED CARS THERE ARE FOR LOW INCOME FAMILIES TO BUY.  GET IT?!  it's supply and demand.  if we crush several million used cars...that WOULD have been bought buy low income families...the price of a used car goes way up and HARMS TO POOR. it HARMS  the low income families that Obama and the democrats always claim to be looking out for.  everything the government does to fix something creates five new problmes.  is this the entitiy we want creating a health care program?  not until it does something right, not ever actually because THE GOVERNMENT NEVER FIXES ANYTHING, it just creates a big mess of red tape and failure...ever been to the DMV, been to a public school lately? I DON'T WANT THESE GUYS IN CHARGE OF MORE THINGS!!!


I THOUGHT YOU LEFTIES DIDN'T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT?!  that was a good policy...i agreed with it, history backed us up on it...let's stick to that policy.  




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