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a family comes together under stress

I have the right to hate whomever i want

i saw a commercial about a month ago that set me off but i had other things to blog about so i skipped it.  then i read a newspaper article along the same lines. BASICALLY...we are not supposed to use "gay" as a derogatory term...and we aren't supposed to stereotype gays.  now here is what set me off.  they are directing this message at teen and college kids.  exhibit A- a commercial starring Wanda Sykes scolding some kids for saying "that's gay" ..."gay" being meant as a derogatory adjective.  exhibit B- a 8 week course taught, in stead of the ACTUAL ENGLISH COURSE THE TEACHER IS SUPPOSED TO BE TEACHING, about accepting homosexuality .

FIRST-how about you direct this at HOLLYWOOD.  HOLLYWOOD PORTRAYS EVERY GAY CHARACTER AS A FLAMING STEREOTYPE.  where do you think these kids got that impression?  they didn't just sit around and decide they would dub everything that is flamboyant and of confused gender as "gay"  WE SEE IT EVERYDAY ON T.V.  go pester them you busy bodies. Go make them sit through your silly little class.  Robin williams can be up front with  "dunce" cap on. The commercial i saw had Wanda Sykes bitching at a group of high school kids about stereotyping gays.  hey Sykes, you ARE A Stereotype, you have made your money in movies and TV being a WALKING STEREOTYPE.  and now that i think about it a show i saw you in had a WILDLY STEREOTYPICAL GAY CHARACTER IN IT. you hypocrite.  at least these kids aren't making money off of it.  i am going to create a new term here feel free to spread it around "stereotype profiteer"  and you can apply it to her and to BET because i watched their award show and it just OOZED hey "look how black we are!! if you are black this is what you should watch/how you should act/ WHAT YOU SHOULD BUY".

SECOND it's non of you f"n business what i say around my friends, or who i hate or mock, OR whether or not i mean anything by it.  AND GAY PEOPLE DON'T NEED YOU ANYWAY.  i know and have know some gay folks...guess what? they develop a pretty thick skin in a hurry and are pretty good at knowing the difference between something said in jest and someone dangerous.

i worked with a guy who beat some gay guys with a baseball bat...THESE KIDS SAYING 'that's gay" IS a far far cry from him, they arn't going to turn into him because they get away with say "that's gay".  AND YOU'RE STUPID COMMERCIAL ISN'T GOING TO STOP ASSHOLES LIKE LIKE HIM.   

FINNALY...AND WHAT I STARTED TO SAY IN MY SECOND POINT...i can hate whoever i want.  and you have NO BUSINESS TELLING ME I CAN'T.  it's called an opinion and freedom of speech and freedom of religion and freedom of the press. this is a FREE COUNTRY and as long as i don't harm anyone, or discriminate against anyone via employment or housing i can hate ANYONE I DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE HATING FOR ANY REASON I FEEL LIKE.  What feels like a million years ago we where simply being asked to " tolerant" then it was "acceptance" now they are telling us what to say around our friends and WHAT TO THINK.  does the term slippery slope come to mind?  boiling a frog? this is how free people become oppressed people.  they take your rights away little by little and get involved in your life little by little IN WAYS THAT AS BASED ON KINDNEss AND GOODNESS. and once you give in to no smoking, to government heatlth care, to them teaching your kids what to say and not say and think and not think guess what?  IT'S OVER ASSHOLE.  the next class and the next commercial is about not believing in God or Forcing you to believe in God, or eating what they tell you to eat becaus ethey are paying for your health care, or whatever they what to force you to do in order to control you/stay in power/stay wealthy.  go read a history book, this is how it has happened over and over and over and over and over and over since the dawm of time.  that is if you still have room in your school budget for a histroy book...seeeing as how they had to print up all sorts of books on accepting gays.  and you gays out thier should read that history book too because you are being used. 

AND...since when have the schools gotten so efficient that they can stop teaching people to read and write and focus on getting kids to accept homosexuality.  if i was gay i would much rather those kids learn to FUCKING READ ...than be forced to learn about my lifestyle.  you teach them to read and then i can write things myself that will influence them. 

AND BY THE WAY DOES ANYONE WANT TO BET THAT THIS CURRICULUM ITSELF IS FULL OF STEREOTYPES?  it would have to be.  you are teaching about a group of people...and so therefore you are lumping them together aren't you? IT'S A CLASS THAT STEREOTYPES GAYS IN ORDER TO GET YOU TO NOT STEREOTYPE GAYS.


so right here in this much as i hate bigots...i am hereby sticking up for them.  you go ahead and say faggot amongst yourselves, and nigger, and kraut, spic, dego ect ect...we can take it.  you spout off whatever you want and stereo type whoever you please because you have the right to SAY AND THINK whatevr you want...and i don't want ANYTHING TO BE SHAVED OFF OF THOSE RIGHTS. i don't want people to have the right to say or think whatever they want EXCPET THINGS THAT ARE OFFESNIVE TO SOME CERTIN GROUP. i want to to stay exactally like this "you have the right to say and think WHATEVER YOU WANT.

and FINALLY (yeah yeah i said finally already...this time for real) the gay community is is smaller than the jewish communtiy, the hispanic community , the backs, the asians, they are a tiny minority AND THIS COUNTRY HAS A TON OF PROBLEMS! how about we...oh i dunno...FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE FOR AWHILE?! we alreayd went up ad back about gay marriage, gay adoption gay this and gay that...HOW ABOUT YOU SELF ABSORBED SELFISH GAYS SSHUT THE HELL UP FOR AWHILE OR AT LEAST FOCUS ON ISSUES YOU HAVE THAT ALSO AFFECT THE REST OF US.  Like war, or the economy...that sort of thing. for crying out loud the reason people only see you as GAY is becaus eyou "leaders' only pitch in on the national discussion to TELL US ABOUT YOU GAYNESS.


now...if you are gay an think i'm full of crap feel feee to call me any itialian or russian sterotype you feel works best.  i applaud you for exercising you right to be close minded.  the one thing i don't want to hear is whichever dumb douchse is going to replay :uhm you can't say "anything" it's againt the law to start a riot or threaten people...yeah i know dipshit that's not what we're talking about here. but as long as we are on the subject you should be able to do those things too.