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first a very quick recap...if you read all the blogs regulary just skip the black section 

first i put up a blog about how our congressman weren't doing their jobs and where a bunch of crooks. then i got several dumbass responses two of which i made an example of in the next blogs as in "don't be this guy"  they where about specific letters but they where meant as a generic teachable moment.

Kristin was one of the subjects and she responded with a three thousand word SA that never really said anything.

i deleted it and told her to try again.

she said "boo hoo you're mean to me so i'm never going to post here again.

first i will remind you all that being mean is what i do here. this blog that you all love so much for it's brutal honesty wouldn't be worth much if i curbed my opinion for the sake of certin individuals now would it? for crying out loud i put up a whole blog about how I am a Jackass after no one is safe except those of you who stay completely anonyms.  that is simply how it is going to be here.  

don't like it? than good riddance.  I've had an ass full of her Marxism anyway....go earn something, then get back to me.  until then your just a spoiled brat who has zero to show for everything that's been handed to her.

now...i have known her for about 8 years and for 8 years i have tried to get her to understand the difference between making a point and reciting intellectual pap.

because this is a skill that is sooo important...and because many of you only live among and discuss things with like minded people (which sounds very nice by the way) AND because some of you wrote in wanting to know what she wrote...i will post it and show you how to properly argue a point.  keep in mind she has copied and pasted part from my original my current comments on her comment will be in red.

 first off always remember when arguing to be breif. make your point fast especially when using type because people lose interest fast.

in her case i'm pretty sure this was done on purpose.  this is a technique made popular by Karl Marx...if you are losing an arguement or want to nullify the debate you prattle on as long as possible so people get bored and stop paying attention. Marx had very specific and effective ways of shutting people up who disagreed with him...that was one of them...another was to discredit them instead of attacking the point they are making, and still another was to simply tout his own credentials as a subtle way of discrediting the opponent.  this also serves to nullify the debate and bore the people paying attention because his opponent feels the need to stop making his actual point and tout his OWN credentials.  now i'm not saying everyone how uses these tactics studied Marx...he didn't invent them, anymore than Hitler invented hating Jews...they both just took it to the next level.

Now keep in mind that my point was that  protesting something going on in another country while ignoring a huge power grab by your own government is stupid...

(remember my original comment's has these "  " around them.

"But you can’t muster up caring about what is going on in your own back yard?"

No, I can't. I'm dissatisfied with our entire system, and the small group of monkeys that run it and their inability to cooperate with each other. They're going to do (and have done) whatever they want to do. They (president, house, senate) don't in any part represent me or the large number of individuals I identify with/affiliate myself with. The only way to create real change is to overthrow the federal government (or possibly all government even at the state level) begin afresh, rebuild society in a manner by which every individual has a roof over their head, sufficient healthy food, access to good medical care, the opportunity to pursue their intellectual interests without economic handicaps prohibiting them from doing so, etc etc etc.

So no, I don't give a shit how the bill turns(ed) out (I can't tell what tense I'm supposed to be addressing, but my point is still the same), because I fundamentally reject the entire system.

sooo...she admits to not no need for any of this paragraph. but as long as it's there let's all just focus on how she is too lazy to pay attention to a 800 billion dollar bill but thinks overthrowing the government is the way to go. 

 and pay attention all you other wanna be revolutionaries out their...if you don't pay attention to the current corruption how are you going to keep it out of the new glorious government you create?  do you think people are just going to stop scamming each other once you tip over the last cop car? 

and by the way who is going to create the rules and guidelines for this utopia? you? ha ha haaaa 

you haven't even run a hot dog stand.

i am sick to death of all the Henry rolling wanna be's out there who substitute hating the status quo for actually thinking, and using the brain between your ears to figure out what about it is still good and what about it is now bad.   they all bitch and moan about how religion stiffles them and how "the man"  doesn't have an open mind...and then they turn around and act the same way...THEY are just as close minded to what "the man" and religion has created as if none of it aided mankind.  and they live in the fantasy that they are so smart that we can just throw everything away and they will rebuild it from scratch and never use any of the old thinking.

get your headout of your ass...look at your own life..have you accomplished ANYTHING REAL?  or did you play halo for 4 hours smoke some pot and call you ex-girlfriend and then hang up.  if you did those things that's fine...but stop and realize that you are probably not qualified to lead us into a bright new age.

you want a revolution ...fine, but i don't want someone who's dad bought them their car, never lived outside of the dorm, takes his laundry to his moms house and never worked a full time job the to be the leader.  i have no problem with that person...i'm just not going to rely on him to help form a new government.


good greif will you  grow up. "begin afresh, rebuild society in a manner by which every individual has a roof over their head, sufficient healthy food, access to good medical care, the opportunity to pursue their intellectual interests without economic handicaps prohibiting them from doing so, etc etc etc." right out of karl marx again...see we tried communism in many many forms for 6000 years and all it got humanity was one evil bastard slaughtering it's citizens by the hundreds of thousands after the next.  then WE can along with capitalism and in 200 years we...WE created all the medicine...the technology that puts roofs over our heads, technology that allows us to transport food to and from across the globe, and the technology that allows us the time to pursue our intellectual interests,

this honestly is why i'm glad she's gone.  she's just turned into a flat out ingnoramis, and it's exhausting explaining the same thing over and over.  go find me a communist society that worked and actually aided mankind to the degree that capitalism has.


"and by the way nothing has been solved concerning Palestine…so why have you all stopped protesting?"

Well, this is just silly. How can you assume what I am and am not doing? We don't talk a whole heck of a lot outside of your blog anymore. So this is merely an assumption you are making based of my abrupt lack of activism advertised on myspace. I stopped making bulletins and whatnot in that vein for numerous personal and safety reasons, and is in no way an indication of my inactivity. And I don't get my "world news" from CNN. Please. I don't even really feel like going into that one right now, but if you press it, I'll give you an explanation. point was that she stopped posting as a form of activism and she says that i am assuming she isn't being active anymore because she's not posting.  ????   clearly she missed my point and/or purposly reworded my point to have an opportunity to save face.

"This is exactly what I am screaming about…the battle for your freedom, The struggle to make the country the place we all want it to be and not a corrupt hellhole does not conclude with the election of the president nor does it conclude when CNN gets bored and moves on.

You may not see it, but we're somewhat on the same page with this.

so why mention it?  it is just another paragraph that loses peoples interest

"YOU CAN PAY ATTENTION ALL YEAR…and not just pull your head out of the sand every four years to slap a bumper sticker on your car, hand out some buttons and think you made a difference. ...."

I hate bumper stickers, they're kinda ugly, and ruin your paint when you change your mind! And where am I getting these buttons? Do you know how much it costs to make buttons these days? Shit. Paper fliers, kiddo. I'll leave all that other crap to the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition and their pansy tactics.

again...why add this?

"It is the hight of irony to me that so many of you are worried about conspiracies and shadow governments…YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION TO THE GOVERNMENT THAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU TELLING YOU TO “GET FUCKED”.

Uh, nope. I'm more of a big picture kinda person. Getting all riled up about an economic stimulus bill is like being annoyed by a single and in a whole trail streaming through your kitchen. If I was one to believe that we need to work with at the current system in place and make it better, I'd say what you're arguing is legitimate, and that I'm a complete twit. But I don't. I don't think trying to slowly improve things will actually work. I believe it will stay at a fairly balanced more or less conglomerate corruption, lies and secret handshakes until something radical done by the proletariat changes everything.

800 billion dollars isn't "big picture" this broad can't see the forest because the trees are in the way.  and again she seems to think she is a radical there is nothing more tiring than that. and just let me add that the word "proletariat" is one of those words you use to sound smart.  that is the ONLY reason to use "proletariat" instead of "people" .

"such vigilante citizens like Kristen here"

LOL! I like that.

?  why does this broad think she needed to respond to every single thing as though anyone cares? and does she not understand that this is being read by 400 plus people?  this isn't a private tit for tat e-mail

"You silly spoiled brat….
do you have any idea what the great depression was like? People where rioting and killing each other over food!"

As a comedian, even if not executed successfully, I would have hoped you would be able to pick up on the tone of sarcasm I was using here. I was wrong.


".. people here starving to death here and overseas and it allowed people like stain Mussolini and Hitler to take're in college...READ A BOOK.. "

Man, you really forgot any details about me, haven't you? I'm not in college, I graduated almost two years ago. Though I am hopefully on my way to grad school. I read many books. In fact while in college, I took an entire semester course that focused on America between 1925 through 1940. I don't feel the need to fully defend my knowledge of the Great Depression at this juncture because I was utilizing sarcasm. But while on this note, I honestly can't understand why people didn't tear down this system in the thirties.

so my point, that corrupt people use times of crisis to gain power, is rebutted by saying her studied the great depression....?  she says she studied it but at no point uses that knowledge to make a point.  her point here is that she studied ..NO WAIT...I ALMOST FELL FOR IT...she never said she studied it...she took a SEMESTER ON IT. now how long is that? 4 months? i honestly don't know cause i was only in college for 4 months. and how many actual hours is that? she spent ONE SEMESTER IN A CLASS about a time period that lasted FIFTEEN YEARS! THAT BY NOT STRECH OF THE IMAGINATION MAKES YOU AN EXPERT.  it gives you a simplistic remedial tiny bit of Knowledge...enough to pass an exam. also She clearly didn't understand the class because she says we should have torn down the system in the thirties...uhmm we did dipshit roosevelt came in and introduced the "new deal" which was a radical change. aside from that the communist party, the Nazi Party, the KKK, and several other extermist organizations on the right and left rioted and burned and torn down plenty...she must have skipped that day.

and by the way the last time i talked history with her she didn't know that Germany invaded France in WWII...that was also AFTER she had "finished college"

"You could be and are wrong…because in order for the government to do all the other things that “concern you” THEY NEED TO HAVE YOUR MONEY….BILLS THAT DIVY UP THE MONEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT BILLS OF THEM ALL! IF WE STOP LETTING THEM TAKE AND SPENT OUR MONEY THEY DON’T HAVE ANY POWER.
they use


Um, not so much. I think I've sort of covered this in vaguely explaining my political ideologies. And it doesn't cost the government squat to do the things I want it to do. So, no, it doesn't need my tax dollars, in my opinion. You're differs, that's ok by me, in a sense. I mean to say, I'm not going to go on berating you without knowing all the facts of what you know, think and act on.

someone tell me what she is trying to say here...because it's just a circular sentence and does she STILL NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THE GOVERNMENT CAN'T EVEN TURN THE LIGHTS IN THE WHITE HOUSE ON WITHOUT OUR MONEY?  she wants to tear down the system but doesn't understand that that is what WE ARE TRYING TO DO BY TAKING AWAY THIER MONEY. 

...and pay attention here too because what i ACTUALLY SAID was that the government can't do the things that concern you without money.  in her original statement "concern" meant "worries" or "disapproves of"  people who are drowning in an argument like to reword what you are arguing about in hopes of coming to a draw.  this is the second time she has done this

"want me to point out the $$$$ that is going to fix the vandalism at the VERY EMBASSY THAT WAS GUMMED UP BY CERTAIN PROTESTERS A FEW MONTHS AGO? would you like me to point out the $$$ that is to be used to upgrade the security and widen the perimeter around that embassy and all other embassies located on the continental u.s.

Sure! A more active and militant police presence will only make members or the proletariat more uncomfortable and dissatisfied with how our country is run, and may challenge them to question how this system controls them like sheep!

wow...again with the "proletariat" and wet dream fantasy of being a revolutionary...and by the way are people the "proletariat" or "sheep"? 

well if you agree with her you are part of the proletariat...if you don't you are a sheep.

she is in fact the sheep who refuses to pay attention to things going on right in front of her face while she fondles her Che quvera bandana.  AND she still doesn't grasp how much money (power) the government  is taking thanks to her antics.  

"BY THE AY I'D LIKE TO THANK YOU AND YOUR ASSHOLE COHORTS FOR GIVING THEM THE EXCUSE TO STEAL MORE MONEY FROM USE...nice job over there in San Francisco...keep it up...why i hear that Israel and Palestine kissed and made up right after they saw a bunch of college kids from the U.S.
chanting in front of an embassy"

The amount of damage the protesters inflicted monetarily out of opposition to U.S. policy in support of the Israeli invasion of Gaza doesn't hold a candle to the amount of money of oh say the u.s. governments used to bail out banks. Or to fight useless and bloody wars in Iraq and Afgahanistan.

translation "i am a inconsistent dumbass"  is it okay for the government to waste money or not?  because i say it's not... just because they waste more money on something else doesn't make it okay for them to waste a smaller amount on this. WASTE IS WASTE.  

Don't be so ridiculous. The protest at the embassy in San Francisco was one single action, and its all you focus on. There were month long protests in January, pulling thousands (10,000 to be more precise) to the streets in protest in San Francisco alone. There were protests of this nature in every single major city in California in addition to those taking place throughout the country, across Europe, and within Israel itself, the last of which incurred very heavy, militant and dangerous police response, even during completely peaceful marches of Palestinians and Israelis in opposition. You only using that single example makes me wonder why you refer to ME as the "useful idiot".

...i focused on that because that is what you posted about.  BUT for the sake of argument i'll include your month long protesting...this conflict has been going on for decades!!!! way to get on board.

I should point out that I don't "blindly" protest. I know exactly what I' doing and why I'm doing it. I know the long and complicated history of Israel and the Gaza strip and its over half a century of conflict. I don't think Israel is justified in blowing Gaza to splinters, and if you want to get into it, I have the time these days now that Grad school applications are complete, my brother's wedding is over and done with and I don't have quite as much on my plate. I'd be happy to outline to you all of my thoughts - but this blog is not the place for that. Moving on.

this blog is not the place for it?  THIS BLOG IS EXACTLY THE PLACE FOR IT, i even  tried to mock you into voicing your opinion...but you turn down the invitation becuase you still don't know your ass from a hole in the ground and even though i have been waiting for over a month for you to get back to me with your wealth of still haven't bothered to so much as google Palestine and shit out whatever it says on the first message board you see.

"...until the next time she turns on CNN and is bored?"

Are you just saying this CNN business because you know it will annoy me? I don't watch CNN or any other major corporate news media outlet, unless you would like to count BBC. Come on, Doug.

i don't know what you would i?and who gives a shit...this is just more wasted text and more people who will lose interest in what you are saying.

"and then you have band of wild eyed goons swinging thier longswords around and around like a windmill and running at whoever has the most colorful shield... "

Said like a true patriot.
You make sure those colors ain't bleedin'! (yea, I'm getting snarky)

...still has yet to make a point although i think she tried to be clever here...

I'm not really sure if that last "calm" bit was directed solely at me, but I'm just going to assume you were talking to the universe. I feel as though I've addressed everything in your conclusion already, and there's no need at this point to be overly verbose and reiterate my previously stated statements/thoughts.

i love that last it again to yourself. 

If any clarification is necessary on anything I've mentioned, by all means, quote the funny bits and I'll try my best to help you .

clarification on what? you didn't SAY ANYTHING!!!!!!!  you're whole point seemed to be that you are smarter than the rest of us...don't have time to do anything real because you are too busy with you little fantasy of being a revolutionary...and don't have time to properly defend your statement.

and by the are your going to "tear it all down" if you can't handle some abuse on a website? how are you gong to deal with the other 50% of the country that thinks you're full of shit?  how about the other "revolutionaries" that will disagree with you?  have you ever actually done anything illegal? been pepper sprayed?  been put in jail? have you ever even been arrested? those gang bangers in your neck of the woods you'll be in the same holding tank with aren't going to be interested in your political views.  they're just going to kick your head in as soon as the guard turns his back in order to make their bones.   what are you going to do then...hold up a pamphlet? I'm laughing at you right now and the fact that you're on the other side is extremely comforting.

anyhoo you asked so i gave it to you.  remeber these simple things when you are arguing with anybody.  focus on the brief...less is more.  get do your damage and get out.  look as much as they drive me crazy people like Craig the machine, and win a date with kurt boz (and to a lesser extend NIck...Nick is a little wordy) know how to argue a point.  the next time I'm at odds with them on this page pay attention to how they rebut.  they find a flaw or a point hey think they disagree with AND have knowledge of and they latch on.  they use logic and have well thought out reasons for what they think.  there is a grand canyon like divide between the arguments I've had with them and Kristen's rambling nonsense.

comments? concerns?