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  Go Team Spite!

I'll make this quick because it's about brett farve and the packer game tonight...BUT also about egos...

Quick recap...brett farve possibly the best quarterback ever to play football and cretin future hall of famer. He got drummed out of the packers because he kept jerking them around on whether or not he was retired.  He disliked getting drummed out and thought he had the right to jerk them around after 16 years of making them a shit-ton of money on his name and skill.  I agree by the way.  so after a couple years he managed to get re-traded to the Packers arch rival the Minnesota Vikings.  

Packer fans have turned on him in force.  they have made silly and mean signs, they are burning ephigees, and taking all sorts of smack.

I will address a few main reasons why i hope he and the Vikings  beat the packers tonight 60-3.

1-the whole point of being the best is not having to be treated like people who are not the best.  so he is/was completely justified in jerking them around.  EVIDENCE OF THAT is that two other teams were willing to get jerked around by him after the packers got rid of him.  both those teams by the way are/were better with him on the team...the packers...worse without him....numbers don't lie.

2-if you are all butt hurt because you think he is betraying you perhaps you should realize that there are two sides to every story.  YOU are betraying HIM. HE got your packers to two super bowls not the current coach or manager.  HE gave you 16 exciting seasons, HE made the packers a force to be reckoned with...NOT the two assholes who decided he wasn't worth the trouble. THEY HAVEN'T DONE SHIT YET.  THEY ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE NOT EARNED THE RIGHT TO JERK ANYONE AROUND.

and there are rumors of a feud between the manager and Farve.  i have no doubt that that is true.  they both have HUGE egos.  HOWEVER only ONE of those HUGE egos ever gave you beloved team a super bowl win.

AND...if you admit he could have retired 5 years should THANK him for the extra five years of play.  see the biggest ego involved here might be your thinking that because you watch someone for three hours a week for 16 weeks you have some right to be offended by his carrier choices.   you are not actually involved in any way shape or form.  you are a spectator.  you have not thrown a pass, taken a hit, shown up for one single practice.  you are just an asshole on a couch.

3-as for the jerking around by Farve and the "is he or isn't he retired"...what harm did that really cause?  "it screwed up the draft" is the first answer i get...Mike Sherman couldn't draft for shit anyhow...Ted Thompson drafts the best player available as opposed to filling a need, AND ONLY DIPSHITS DRAFT QUARTERBACKS HIGH ANYHOW BECAUSE ALL THE FIRST ROUND QUARTER BACKS AND WIDE RECEIVERS TURN OUT TO BE FLOPS.  look it up.

WE needed still need and will need next year  DEFENSIVE AND OFFENSIVE LINEMEN...that has been our need for two decades...what does a quarterback controversy have to do with that?

The second response i get is that it screwes up the salary cap.  if you will recall Farve allowed them to restructure his salary many times in order to trade for players he thought would help.  so in that regaurd he has always done more good than harm.

 now...i don't know what went on behind closed doors...and i don't care who was a bigger diva.  all i know is results...and who earned what.  and having taken THAT into account i say Ted and Mike are dipshits who deserve the thumping that Farve will give them tonight.

how can i be so sure Farve will cream them?

1-Minnesota has Farve who has come back out of spite.  so you have a hall of fame quarterback who is motivated and who has been planning for this day for arguably two years.  that's a formidable adversary.

2-green bay has Arron Rodgers who is untested and has been told over and over again to ignore the controversy fact Mike the head coach has been telling the whole team to ignore the controversy...what kind of PUSSY head coach would tell his team NOT to get worked up?  NOT to use this as motivation? NOT put some extra fuel on the fire by reminding the that Farve left them high and dry and screwed them over?!!  I'll tell what kind of coach...the kind that wants to focus to be on HIM...the kind that would let a hall of fame quarterback get away because he kept skipping training camp.  he Mike he skipped training camp this year and hasn't lost a game yet.

ACTUALLY...Training camp for Farve started the day you sent him packing...that's 740 some odd days of training camp.



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