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George Bush's third term

I'm trying to stay way from politics, but i just gotta ask, how long before you democrats wake up and start taking Obama to task?  first his Iraq strategy is EXACTLY the same as what McCain said his was going to be (and i told you months ago that would happen once the big O got into office and read the top secret stuff...sometimes there is only ONE way to skin a cat)and the same as George Bush's timeline EXCEPT that he is going to add a crapload of troops to afganistan.  so actually he is getting MORE troops involved in overseas conflict.

his education plan is turning out to be the same as Bushs "no child left behind"'s heavy on charter schools, and outcome based pay for teachers-the cornerstones of Bush's plan that you democrats all hated.

He's spending money like a drunk sailor MUCH OF IT is going to RICH WHITE GUYS and...(and echo effect) BIIIGGG BUSSIINNEESSSS

so if he had bigger ears and said "stratgery" instead of "strategy" he would be George W Bush.

so...what's up liberals? i don't hear anybody complaining?

If this waS Bush bailing out a bunch of failing banks and businesses you'd be raising hell about him "helping out his rich white buddies"

Obama just spent 100 billion Dollars in two months between his "stimulous" plan and his newly passed "spending plan".  here is some quick math to demonstrate why we should NEVER look to the government to solve economic issues- his "stimulus" plan was 850 billion dollars and by thier own calculations will create 200 million jobs.  did you pay attention to what i just said? that's just over 400 BILLION DOLLARS A JOB. they could have just bought 850 billion dollars of dodge sedans and created more jobs than that.  

what about the borders that we don't have enough people to patrol?  or the storage containers that come into could contain god knows what that we don't have enough people to inspect?  we could get several million people to do that for 20 dollars an hour and come out way under his 850 billion. 

and what happened to that "reparations" talk?  you have a black president. giving away money...and NOBODY IS BRINGING UP REPARATIONS BUT ME?  a shaved headed white guy from the Midwest who's a conservative?  look let's call a spade a spade.  you want to stimulate the economy i.e. get people spending money give alot of checks to people who, as a general rule, don't save their money.  this kills two birds with one puts the final nail in the coffin of all the civil rights crying, it stimulates the economy AND IT HELPS THE MORTGAGE CRISIS...because alot of the people who are losing there houses are black.  and if a good part of them do save thier money or invest helps the banks.

so what's up?  get on the stick you liberals.  this is your guy.  it is up to you to keep him on the path of righteousness, me bitching won't do any good, and other than his spending spree...he's doing everything the same as Bush anyway.  

I am bitching though because i'm not a loser.  I don't settle for what i can get.  and in four years i want TWO GOOD CHOICES.  i want TWO candidates to choose from that are capable and are likely to do a good job as President.  The republicans are right now in the process of fighting it out and WILL learn from the ass kicking they just got.  BUT it's the democrats i'm worried about. Obama is about to devastate your party. and i'll tell you why.  He ran for president saying that HE WAS GOING TO FIX THE COUNTRY...he said that BUSH MADE A BIG MESS AND HE WAS GOING TO CLEAN IT UP.  and now that he is in office he is just saying "well the country is in a mess because of Bush"..well most everyone already agreed on that six months ago.  the question was WHO could fix it.  so him continuing to Blame bush for the stock market not having any confidence isn't going to fly.  him saying it's someone else fault isn't going to fly.  because we already new that. he said he could fix it.  the stock market dropped an extra 30% since he passed his "stimulus plan" which means big investors think it isn't going to work.  and once the rest of the world figures out he is just printing money the dollar is going to lose more value and that equals inflation, poverty, ect ect.  and YOU DEMOCRATES are going to be blamed.  and in four years you won't have a snowballs chance in hell and that means the republicans can just run any wrinkled old fart and win instead of sending up someone who is actually good.  

see, it's competition that makes us strong and when you guys suck it hurts my team too.  so get it together.


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