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           Free comic book day


I'd like to thank Lost World of Wonders for their hospitality.  they set me up in their store Saturday to sign autographs and peddle my wares during the national "free comic book day" promotion.  free comic book day was et up by someone who doen't understand humans who thought that this would bring in new readers and not the dreges of humanity who would eat dog shit if it said "free " on it...and people who want to give something to their children under the sad delusion that they will learn to read instead of playing 18 hours of world of warcraft and stumbling across human/animal porn while on the internet.

they put me in a nice spot, knowing full well that i'll probably complain no matter where they put me, and had people on hand to help me set up.  AND i got a free pizza out of the deal.

They opened at 11:00, i got there at 10:57, because i forgot it the event was Saturday and not Sunday AND i was still a little woozy from the painkillers ( see blog about me cutting off my finger) which truth be told i don't really need anymore but i paid for them and i'm gonna use them.  I was actually starting to worry that I might be going trough them to fast, enjoying them a little too white guys can't handle their opiates you know.  we're like Indians and booze. Seeing that i am almost out of them i checked the bottle and they should have been used up a week ago...apparently i'm kinda a lightweight.  

Back to the morning...there was a big crowd waiting at the door for their free comic book.  an anxious crowd that wasn't too keen on letting me through...they clearly though i was trying to skip in line and get a free G.I Joe comic before they could. I rush in, set up and the doors open behind me...Lost World of Wonders also had 20% off everything in the store.  which is a pretty sweet deal if you're going to buy a statue or some hardcover collection, so i figured INCORRECTLY that alot of these early risers would be getting stuff like that before it was gone.  nope, they where by and large just there to get A free comic book and go home.


these where grown people, presumably with jobs.  this is like when teenagers continue to dress up for trick or treating dude, you're old enough to drive, can't you go to seven eleven and buy a snickers bar?...actually it's worse because trick or treating is fun. these cretins got up before noon on a Saturday drove from wherever to stand in line to get a free comic book...for the total savings of possibly 3$.  what's with you people?  ACTUALLY there was no savings because it cost them gas money to go get a comic book they didn't actually want or need. weird. 

AND i learned that the comic books stores have to PAY for the free comics...that's right. the larger publishers who print up the comics that are specifically for free comic book day, and say "free comic book day/not for resale" charge the store per copy.  it's like .10 to .60 but still... if you end up ordering 400 free comic books to give away to people you will not see again until NEXT free comic book day that adds up to a couple hundred bucks.  that's kinda fucked up. 

I did my best to offset this cost by NOT giving my comic away for free but CHARGING ten dollars.  And i made out pretty good. so maybe we should all just start calling it "comic book day" and take out the free and say that that day is when all the stores will have sales, have artists signing and stuff like that.  you know...emphasize the VALUE, instead of giving it all the credibility and aura of the free chicken nugget slices with toothpicks through them that the old broads at the grocery story give away as samples on Saturdays.

i'm just saying...anyone who comes to that store and picks up a free comic book and immediately leaves without even looking around is not helping us in any way shape or form.



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