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tpb cover?


Forward contest

       Two things i really don't like doing are drawing covers and writing intros.

Starting Sept. 22nd online, and sept. 29th at stores, you will be able to order THE GIANT Arsenic Lullaby Collection "The Devils Decade", a definitive 450 plus page monster that reprints stories from every single Arsenic Lullaby comic book from the original run.

The nice thing about this for you is obvious...450 pages of Arsenic Lullaby that has been out of print for 4 to 10 years depending on the story. It will also include an editorial from me at the beginning of each section about what a pain in the ass publishing it was. The nice thing about it for me is i don't have to draw anything. A younger more ambitious Doug already did all the work for me. EXCEPT for the cover...oh how i hate covers. see, my strong suit is story telling, using the panels to set mood and timing, leading the eye with composition. a single large image...that's more for your rob lefield types. And how do you sum up ten years of despicable wonder in one static image anyway? This book isn't like batman were you would just put batman on the cover in a heroic pose and call it a day. Who's the main Character?! Voodoo Joe i supose...but what about Edgar the Census Agent? he carried that book for the first three issues. What about he Clot? What about Baron Von Donut? Hell some people could make the case for Liquid Sam summing up the heart and feel of Arsenic Lullaby. Trying to put them all onto one cover is turning out to be a mess and a little contrived.

I have decided not to put ANY of the main characters on the cover.

"what?! are you an idiot?!"

maybe...but the idea i have is pretty awesome and going to be really cool if i can pull it off. A cover summing up 10 years of Arsenic Lullaby should really sum up ten years of covers.

"that doesn't make all"

It DOES, follow me for a moment. When doing the covers i wanted people to stop as they were scanning the comic rack and go "i've never seen THAT before...what the hell is this book about?!". THat is what the cover needs to do here as well. and i think it will. I'll post it soon as i'm done (probably next monday)

Onto the second thing i hate, writing intros. Now in the past i've weaseled out of this by having a fellow comic book pro write the forward for me. BUT as this is like the 6th TPB i've done ...i've sort of run out of pros that don't think i'm a jerk. so i have decided to let one of YOU do the forward. Good idea eh? Who better to give a forward than a dedicated read who's been with it all along? It needs to be a page long...that's about all the direction i can give you. Sum up Arsenic Lullaby in a page somehow. Maybe you'll want to focus on the stories, or how brilliant i am, or how groundbreaking it was...i dunno. but come up with something, don't over think it. you have three weeks to write something and send it in (e-mail below) and the winning forward will get credit in the book obvioulsy and ...i dunno...i'll think of something to make it worth your while.

comments? concerns?



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