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Saturday, September 22, 2007


football is life and guys are simple

after awhile of not knowing where to go with this blog...but aware that the counter that hundreds of you read it.  i have decided to run it like the steve dahl show...whatever is on my mind weekly gets put out there and people will either find it entertaining/interesting or not based on whether or not they find me entertaining/interesting.  people are logging in to know what makes the sketcher of cartoon fetuses tick so that is what they will learn...until someone says it's too creepy

you non-football folks only need to know a few things

a. brett farve is the quarter back for the packers (wisconsin's team) who is by all estimates one of the best to ever play the game and is on the verge of breaking every record ever set.

b. dan marino played for the miami dolphins and before he retired set many of the records Farve is breaking.

Just to bask in my own self pity for a second...we'll go back to last year roughly this same time, where Douglas who up until that point thought Farve was just a very talented idiot who cost the packers more games then he won with his "i'll just throw the ball up for grabs if the play breaks down" style, is in florida after driving his newly separated and soon to be ex-wife back to her home in miami with all of her worldly possessions.

and by the is the problem with divorcing someone who is extremely good one believes YOU divorced HER and they come to you with pity phrased in the form of "i'm sorry she left" or "if you love something set it free" ect ect until you feel compelled to blare out ASSHOLES..I DIVORCED HER...GOT IT...needless to say the more you protest the more it looks like she left you until not even a signed letter from her stating this would convine has gotten to the point where i don't even believe it anymore ANYWAY continuing...

as chance would have it the packers (with a new unknown YOUNG UNTESTED coach and no superstars aside from no.4 who were picked by experts to be horriable and to go 6-10) would face the dolphins (picked by expercts to go to the playoffs and soundly beat the packers on the way there) they where playing in the dolphins stadium.  on the way home from a gut wrenching ordeal, those of you who have not been divorce...avoid it, you are never the same again nothing takes away the baggage you carry around knowing you had something important and now it is gone, i drive home and stewed over whether i made the right decision or not...every mistake i made haunts me, every mistake she made makes me grind my teeth, and i am left with the knowledge that "i Do" iS not the magical phrase you though it was as a child, in fact you are less of a child at heart now, like learning of santa clause.........SOBERING...truely sobering.  then THE PACKERS WIN i hear the end of the game on a florida radio station in my truck. Farve had lead the no-names into doplphin staduim and beat thier brains in, they won by two touchdowns.  "HAH how do you like THEM apples! MY team BEAT your team."

it is strange to go through an ordeal like that and then hear the final score of a football game that has NOTHING to do with it you or her and smirk to yourself thinking "heh how do you like THEM  apples". but it was as though the football gods at least have spoken. and as brett farve runs up the score on thier would be destroyers it is as though the football gods are passing judgement and find my NOT lacking.

and every td pass farve throws brings him closer to breaking marinos all time record and in some bizarre and probably unhealthy way i ride a "FURTHERMORE my team/QB is still better than your team/QB and nothing will ever change that" sugar high...

women cry and men live vicariously through thier sports teams


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