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fire them all 

okay...the senate and congress both passed the presidents 800 billion dollar spending bill.  every single one of them who voted for it should be voted out of office and i will tell you why.

the bill was 1100 pages long and they voted on it in under two weeks.  congress voted on it in under a week.  some of you are college long does it take to read and HAVE A COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING of a 1100 page document?!  longer than 5 business days?  and not a 1100 page story...1100 pages of facts and figures. the BIBLE is only 800 pages long.  if you believe any of them read it and comprehended it you are a fool.  and if you think the bill was a good idea you are a fool because you didn't read any of it.  you certainly didn't read all 1100 pages.  page 873 paragraph 2 could say that "congress shall allow a monkey to rape you in the shower every third Wednesday" for all you know.  how would you know?  you senator and congressman sure wouldn't be able to tell you.  anyone who follows sports at all hears about contract signings and knows "the devil is in the details".  these teams and agents stew over a 200 page contracts for months and it's only worth several million dollars. they stew over it because that is their job.  and they want to make sure their side isn't getting screwed..



congress passed a 800 BILLION DOLLAR SPENDING BILL IN UNDER TWO WEEKS.  and i guarantee you NONE of them are as sharp as a major league baseball agent.

let me put the $$$ in perspective for you.   World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. brings in half a billion dollars a year.  that isn't profit...that is just money they take in.  between all their t.v. revenue, weekly sold out arenas, toy sales, clothing sales, posters, appearance fees, pay per view revenue - INCLUDING WRESTLEMANINA, and dvd sales..they bring in HALF A BILLION A YEAR.

that means that the WWE would have to stay in business for 1600 years to make what congress just voted to spend in two weeks.  

i'm going to paste that here again to make sure it sinks in

the WWE would have to stay in business for 1600 years to make what congress just voted to spend in two weeks.  

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WHO VOTED FOR THIS BILL SHOULD BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE DUE TO NEGLIGENCE.  they flat out did not do their jobs. i defy any one of you to tell me why any of them should be in office next time around.  and i don't care if you elect an even farther to the left senator or congressman if that's what you want, vote a nizi in there if he will actually read and understand the bills before he votes for them -BECAUSE THAT IS HIS them out in the primaries, just get rid of them. abd this is a real easy one for you people.  if your senator and congressman is a them out in the have to have some other democrate out there who is willing to do his job and cover our asses.

all you people who wanted change and where all circle jerking about how you made a difference. well this is your team that is screwing's YOuR team that isn't doing it's's YOUR TEAM that only spent two weeks reviewing a 1100 page bill that spent 800 billion dollars.

you thought it was bad when the house of representatives blindly followed Bush, and i agreed with you.  so the same should go for them blindly following Obama, or are YOU truely the mindless drones?


comments? concerns?