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        the good news is they                                                              reattached the finger

short blog today because i'm doped up to block the pain from having my left ring finger top didget nearly torn off.  long story short, i was working on a car and the finger got turned/torn/twisted 180 degrees.  it's amazing how resilient the human body is, as unpleasant as the x-ray looks it was even worse looking when the incident happened...once the finger was untangled it sort of just went from being wrapped around some steel at an impossible angle it's original form (as best it could)  i have 11 stitches and splint on right now, which is making it pretty hard to type.  i'll do my best to sum up my thoughts on a few things.

1-my finger hurts

2-i want my finger to stop hurting

3-even though it hurts i'm glad they sowed it back down

4-if you burn the candle at both ends long enough eventually you're gonna do something stupid

5-painkillers aren't nearly as much fun when you have to take them for actual pain.

6-the existance of guardian angels may be the only logical explaination as to how i managed to live this long, given the fact that as far as stupid and unsafe auto repair attempts go...this doesn't even rate a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10...10 being the time i was lying underneath a van while it balanced on one jack stand as a 250 pound guy rocked it back and forth trying to get the engine mount to pop loose and 1 being doing things correctly.  have i used up my nine lives?  am i just getting only and no longer able to stay just one step ahead of my carelessness?  OR is the fact that when the doctor asked me to try to move the finger tip, it actually moved, a sign that i am still ant case i think i'm going to start being more careful and maybe getting some sleep.  

7-i'd like to know who the sick bastard is who designed childproof pill bottles.  how the fuck am i supposed to open this fucker with one hand?  

and i the only person watching "breaking bad"?  that is possibly the best show on t.v.

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