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I got a couple of responses to my pending retirement of Arsenic Lullaby the comic book that I’d like to respond to…


“So are you a sell out or a quitter?”  he goes on to scold me and comes around to say “ I watch you bring in money hand over fist at conventions, how can there “not be enough money in it to keep you interested?”


I admire your moxie lynchpin89 but with all due respect grow up.  First off I’ve earned the right to leave on my own terms.  I am one of a handful on indy publishers to not get cut by diamond AND to last TEN YEARS.  I know what the upper crust is of what you can make with a black and white Indy comic book and it ain’t enough, if it’s enough for you than you are a loser, or just really short sighted.  A really good yearly income when you’re in your twenties doesn't cut it when you are in your thirties and  This is a capitalistic society - if there is a limited amount of $$$ to be had that means there is a limited amount of fans to be had…I’m in this to reach as many people as possible not to sit around and stroke off about what a cult hero I am.   

The REASON I made it this far is because I’m not the kind of person who is satisfied with GOOD.  I always want better.  And frankly I didn’t start this ten years ago thinking “hey, I want to spend the rest of my life drawing comic books”.  It just turned out I was good at it and people kept buying them and telling friends and buying them and telling friends and then next thing I new I was in Mad Magazine and had a bunch freelance work dumped in my lap.  But this is and was always supposed to be a launchpad for other things.


Second, Half the reason I don’t find this fun anymore is because there is no competition…I live for competition and the new batch of Indies...yourself included couldn’t write your way out of a paper bag.  You spend more time going to after con parties buying editors drinks in hopes of catching a break than you’ve spent learning how to tell a story.  You all suck up, get nowhere…never get any better and then wallow in the credibility of  being “indy”.  Competing with the bulk of the comics out there is like kicking a retarded puppy.  It’s fun for awhile but eventually you either realize you where meant for better things or you are actually LESS that the retarded puppy.  Vanquez is gone, dorkin is gone, dirge is gone…all of them have moved onto greener pastures…who am I to measure myself against? You and your shitty horror comic?  I throw out scarier concepts than you have published and my book is a comedy.  Maybe if one of you where actually giving me a run for my money I wouldn’t be so bored.


Third ...and again I started comics years ago with three partners (hold up your copies of “harvest moon if you own one…then burn it because I never want to see how bad I was when I started) with the EXPRESS purpose of eventually moving onto greater things…a cartoon if possible.  And technology has caught up with my ambitions and so has my skill and readership.  Now is the perfect time to move forward and I am nothing if not a master of timing.


Fourth…selling out? Quitting? You think it’s going to be easier for me to get a cartoon off the ground that’s about zombie fetuses and alcoholic donuts than it was to do a comic book of the same?  You think it’s going to be easier to find a distributor for a dvd of this material?  Stores that will carry it? I can only hope so, but the smart money would say that this is going to be just as big an uphill climb.

Onto the second response

  “you won’t quite…you can’t tell me you won’t miss it”


THIS is a valid point.  All the skill and knowledge I acquired in the art of telling a story through comics has perhaps made me a creature of habit.  As I do storyboards I constantly find myself leaving room for word balloons.  I will probably miss it and will probably from time to time come up with stories that can only be told through the comic book medium….but not as many as I have come up with in the past that would have been much better if I had sound and movement.


The bottom line is this…I have always said “the most important thing is WHAT IS FUNNIER” every decision I have made every line I have draw has been with “funnier” in mind.  And I can defiantly make these stories funnier with sound and motion.  And I will. 


You faithful readers have years of Arsenic Lullaby to read and re-read….AND with a little tenacity on my part you’ll have years of Arsenic Lullaby CARTOoNS to watch over and over.  Are you not curious as to what the zombie fetuses sound like?  What Baron Von Donut sounds like?  What kind of sound effect and background music would be going on while the alien cows enter the fray?  All that is just as clear in my head as everything you have been reading.  You have been missing out.  And I am trying to rectify that.  Have a little faith for f*cks sake.  If you thought Arsenic lullaby was ground breaking and head and shoulders better than other comic books why would you not be waiting with baited breath to see and hear and watch how much better Arsenic Lullaby the cartoon will be than everything else that is out there? 


Plus, I’m not without resources…if something pops into my head that I just HAVE to do in comic book form I can get it published by someone…and I might keep slipping short stories in other books here and there who knows.


And remember you have one issue left…do you have no faith that it will be the best one? That I will go out with a bang?  Arsenic Lullaby Omega has conclusions to the Baron Von Donut in love story…has one last Voodoo Joe story, one last effort to get you to love Tex Buckaroo just as much as the other Arsenic Lullaby cast.  AND the guy writing and drawing it KNOWS it’s the last issue.  You should be waiting with baited breath rather than pissing and moaning.


my blog received one other notable response from a friend of mine.  he brought it up while we where talking about cars.  the conversation went like this...

"Remember that 78 cutlass you got from oklahoma? drove all the way there to get one rust free and then souped it up...put a new front clip on it."

yeah, of course.

"Then it got hit twice and you sold it and said you where done fixing cars for fun..."


"how many cars ago was that?"

...what are you getting at?

"you realize you say you are going to quit comics every year?...EVERY... YEAR"

"...this time i mean it"

"pfft, you sound like me talking about going on a diet."

(I would like to point out here that when he says he's going on a diet I don't mock HIM...)

"you'll do the cartoon and realize that you have to work with like a dozen other people to get it done and end up right back in your basement alone drawing another issue."

"so you don't think I'll do a cartoon"

"no, you'll do it and after you finish a couple you'll hate it just as much as comics.  once you realize you can accomplish something you lose interest. it's only fun for you when it's impossible."

sometimes i hate that guy.

in the meantime...onto the impossible!



comments? concerns?