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my life is getting re-damn-diculous

       okay...for all you local folks who are wondering-no i didn't evacuate my house yesterday at the demand of the mayor.

  for you non-locals ,Patrick Cudahy ,one of the largest meat packing factories in the Midwest (four city block long) had a 6 alarm fire and as luck would have it the fire started right near their refrigeration units...which house huge vats of ammonia that is somehow used in the units.  the mayor fearing an explosion at worst, and large quantities of ammonia being blown into the air along with the apocalyptic amounts of tar black smoke that was billowing out, ordered an evacuation of a one square mile radius of the factory.

...i don't think you need to have read more than three of my blogs to know i'm not going to leave my house in the middle of a deadline at the demands of some dope who got his job by getting 200 more people to vote for him than the last mayor. 

i have no time to get into it but remind me after july and i'll tell you all about this fiasco...i'll just say a couple things right now as to why i didn't leave,

1-while my house was only three blocks away the wind was blowing from the north...the factory was south of me and while smoke was covering half the city the sky above my house was clear and sunny and according to the weather channel the wind was going to pick up. 

2-i have a military issue gas mask, a haz-mad suit, and three days worth of bottled water (WHO'S CRAZY NOW?!) so they can spray zyclon B into the air for all i care i'm not leavening i've got work to do PLUS...that is the perfect time to snipe looters. all you looters out there listen up...i can hit you and your little tire iron from 10O yards out...and i don't really own anything of value except for the mauser i'l be shooting at you with.  

3-this is the white trash capitol of wisconsin and i live in constant danger of chemical explosion from all the meth labs in the just another day in the neighborhood for me.

4-as i deduced from watching the weather channel and checking on the winds...the evacuation site was DIRECTLY IN THE PATH OF THE SMOKE...and sure enough they soon removed people from the first evac site to another evac site...which was ALSO by the way in the path of the smoke.

so thanks but no thanks local government...i happily took my chances in the comfort of my own home rather than sit in a gymnasium with the dregs of humanity.  

as i said that's all i have time to say right now but more later including me dodging the police who where going door to door to get people out of their homes at the demand of mayor mccheese as i went about my daily business. it was alot like the omega man (the Charleton Heston version)...actually as i think about it it was JUST like omega man if the police where demanding that you go sit in a gymnasium with the zombies...and the zombies where all fat unemployed lowlifes.

and i;d like to predict that they find out it was a firework hitting the grease covered roof of the 100 year old building that started the blaze.

and as the blaze was uneventfully put out my only regret is that my friend and i didn't go to the evac site and screw with people, but i simply didn't have time (next time buddy, and we'll bring your wheelchair.)

remind me about the newschopper, and the mayors plea about the water, and the local newsteam.

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