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You people Puzzle me

Now for the past couple of months we have been putting things up on Ebay for literally a song.  full pages going for under 100.00 one of a kind prototype statues going for under 100.oo. alot of you are looking and not buying.  which is no skin off my nose.  by the time i decide something needs to go up on ebay it's because i'm sick of looking at it and just want it gone. 

But here's the thing that drives me nuts. at oh....every single show for the past 8 years several people will come up and ask if i have a page from this issue or a page from that issue and pretty often they will specifically ask for the page of Voodoo Joe eating the 9 times out of ten this will be someone who never checks the ebay auction and never e-mails me asking what i have.  they just for some reason assume that they are the first person to decide they want that page or that i stock pile the stuff.  I'll admit i might be on the outside looking in here and alot of illustrators keep the stuff around and release it little by little.  but...not me.  Arsenic Lullaby is self funding and that includes paying me enough to stay in the low liviant life style i've become accustomed to.  I look at every book like an indian looked at a dead water buffalo- every last bone and piece of skin gets used for something.  artwork, film, preliminary sketches, all go out the door to the highest bidder or whoever shows up with cash first.

Here is my point...from now til Christmas time we'll be putting up whatever i have left lying around, and even though i'll have posts and mass e-mails and banners running across the main page...alot of it will get picked up by some shrewd bidder for less than it would if i had more patience and waited til spring...early bird gets the worm is what i'm saying here.  if you see something you like or think you might as well bid on it because it sure as hell ain't going to be around three months from now when you see us put something up on u-tube and decide you want yourself a piece of Arsenic Lullaby the COMIC BOOK memorabilia.

the other thing that perplexes me is how stoked you all are about this cartoon.  i've been bending over backwards here to lower expectations.  let me reiterate...we don't know jack squat about has no home yet.  we are going to do this in house and pitch it to various cable networks and distributors, if they are not interested but we think it's good we'll sell it ourselfs the way we sell the comic-through the 1200 comic book stores that carry us, record stores head shops, straight to video distributors and at cons..  and i can sense already this is another wasted paragraph, and i understand that it's my fault you aren't listening to me about how this could be a big fat flop...because i tell you everything we do might be a big fat flop and it all up til now has turned out pretty good.  but just take it easy out there.  and if you're really that excited go on ebay and buy something because guess who's funding this cartoon.  yeah -me out of my own every little bit helps knowwhatimean?

and no i don't have any celebrity voices.  why would i blow the budget on a celebrity that isn't going to listen to what i want when i have a pool of talented people that i know personally?  why would i reward hollywood with cash for sucking? the whole reason i'm doing this first pilot myself is because they all suck and can't beat my team.  "why join 'em if you can beat 'em" as cypris hill would say.

onto more confusion about the sketchbooks up on ebay. can't see much on the u-tube videos because i use a non -photo pencil when i sketch...every page has SOMETHING on it either dialogue or sketchs or scribbles...some pages are better than others, but just because you don't see black inked stuff on a page as it is being flipped through doesn't mean it's blank.

as far as value questions...i don't know what it's worth...that's why we put a low starting price on it.  it all depends on you.  If you put a gun to my own cheap head and i saw a similar sketchbook by David Bosewell (illustrator of Reid Flemming Worlds toughest Milkman) i'm be willing to drop up to 100.00.  i'd think that was fair.  but i'm a huge fan of his work so that might be too high...on the other hand i'm a cheapskate and don't spend more than 100.00 on anything that isn't a tool or a part for my el camino so 100.00 might be low.

hell if i know, look they are sketchbooks that i used daily to work out ideas, characters, and page layouts and they are up for grabs.  at this point i think there is only one bidder on them and i've had 2 dozen people ask me about them.  so i'm not answering any more questions...if you're that curious buy one and look for yourself. keyword arsenic lullaby 

and to give you a slightly better look at the skecthbooks here is a u-tube video of each

and here

and here


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