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Right now on ebay we have two "lots" up of preliminary drawings. and i got this question-

"i thought preliminary drawings and thumbnails sketches where the same thing...but these look like they are full sized not small sketches"

uhmm yes and no.  normally they are both smaller...see how it works, or i should say- how i work- is sometimes things are moving along fine and everything gets ironed out and worked out in the small thumbnail sketches.  then i just blow those up stick them on a light table and redraw it larger, tighten up the penciled details, ink it , glue down the words and done. BUT sometimes you start to over think things or some element just refuses to work right and you screw yourself into the ground redoing the same page over and over shifting meaningless details around by fractions of an inch, convinced that entire composition of the page will be radically different if the microscope on the table is sticking up just a little higher.   

on and on you go, getting closer to a finished page before convincing yourself that the microscope is now TOO high...and it burns in the back or your neck like a mosquito is burrowing it's way in and you try to ignore it but eventually give in and start over.  this is why God invented deadlines...if there was no deadline i might never finish anything.  and of course the projects that i just power through and don't have time to second guess look just fine.

so...that's what these are...they are full sized pages usually just penciled but sometimes partially inked that i gave up on.  i hate throwing things away and also hate looking at them so i would have stacks of them lying around that i would use to rest my leaky airbrush on.  then once upon a time i accidentally brought some to a convention someone offered to buy a bunch and i never gave any away again...the end

in all honesty though, they are kinda cool.  I always, when putting a price on something or deciding on making a item (zippo lighter, t-shirt, statue ect) ask myself if i'd buy one if it was from my favorite comic (Reid Flemming worlds toughest milkman)...and yeah...i defiantly would love to have passed over pages from that book.  

so anyway they are up on ebay with no reserve along with an autographed 11x17 Lockjaw poster i did. give them a look

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