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Sadly and predictably my support of Diamond comic book publishing cutting off all sorts of loser publishers resulted in a bunch of loser publishers jumping on my case.

their entire attitude and not Diamond Comics raising it's sales quota is what is holding them back.

what is holding you back is you are a bunch of losers, with no ambition.

i think i'm great, i think my book is great, that is why i am doing this.  Diamond setting a sales quota should have nothing to do with you because your own personal quota should be a billion.  

Nick from pickle press was the only one of the dozen of you sad bastards who had the nuts to respond in a public forum.  i really want to post all your e-mail here and point out what winy bitches you are but by mentioning your names here that would actually help you.  so i will just post your belly aching.

mr.x writes "Diamond give no warning when it raises it's sales quotas...that is unfair"

you are a LOSER. LOSER!  why do you need a warning?  do you have some great way of improving you sales that you WOULD have started if you known ahead of time?  then why weren't you doing that the entire time?  you need a quota set by someone else to motivate you?  "FAIR"?  life isn't fair dope, it isn't fair that you where given talent and don't know what to do with it and somewhere out there is an ambitious hard working person with no skills to make use of.

mrs.x writes "Diamond is closing a door on people with good ideas who just want to get those idea out there regardless of how much money they make"

  We live in a capitalist system.  people tell you how much they like you or your product/idea with CASH.   if they like it they buy it. if they don't like it they won't buy it. it is the purest form of criticism there is. If you truely have a good idea/product you will make money. this attitude of not caring how much money you make as though it is artistic to not sell shit is a total cop out. You saying you don't care how many comics you sell is equal to saying you don't care if your comic book sucks.  Or maybe you just you are so hip, so highbrow that there are not enough people out there who are smart enough to understand it....i hear this attitude alot from you artistic types. IF you are correct than you are a dumbass for trying to publish a book that is to smart for everyone but you.

big fat babay writes-"you have to admit for a normal guy 6200.00 (the actual amount, not 6000.00 as you posted) is pretty steep. You have alot going for you that others don't"

no, i don't, and no it's not.  maybe this is a hobby to you but not to the rest of us and not to Diamond comics that has 600 odd products to deal with every month.  

 here is a quote that fits "of the people who succeed 1% are gifted and 99% are willing to do what no one else will in other to succeed"  that means get off your lazy ass and get working on moving comic books.  if that is what you want to do, if YOU feel that your book is worth reading, than why are you wasting time e-mailing me? or wasting time watching cable, or wasting time doing anything besides working your ass off.  because let me tell you when i started this 10 years ago there where a hell of a people out there with more talent than me and more "going for them " whatever the hell that means starting out too.  but here we are 2009 and the only familiar faces i see are Josh Blaylock (devils due publishing)and JOhn Korlvac (Dork tower) and you know why? you know the element we all have in common?  we all work our ass of and don't make excuses.

if Diamond turns you down, try again.  usually they tell you what about the book they didn't like.  TAKE THIS ADVICE TO HEART and improve those things.  Diamond is not the enemy.  they are in business to make money, and if they say something about your book isn't that good, then it probably isn't that good. Nick made some backhanded comment about not wanting to re -ink something that Diamond said needed re-inking and that the diamond guy should try it so he knew how hard it was...LOSER TALK. LOSER TALK!!!  that Diamond rep looks at 300 submission a month, he, BETTER THAN YOU, AND EVEN BETTER THAN I, KNOWS WHAT IS AND ISN'T GOING TO SELL.  that's how come he has that job.  It is his job to find comics to put in the catalogue that are really good and will therefore make alot of money.  he WANTS your book to be good so he can make $$$$.  He's not some ogre that won't let you cross the bridge.  if he says re-ink it THAN RE INK IT.  A man with an infinite knowledge of comics who has 300 go by his desk every month has given you some advice, TAKE THAT ADVICE.  you should re-ink it anyway simply because you are always trying to get better. 

Diamond is a multi million dollar company that deals with DC Comics and Marvel and has 4000 stores.  you should be doing whatever the fuck they tell you in order to get into that catalogue, and stop acting like you are badass for not trying. 

 listen to me you losers...there is nothing badass or rebellious about not trying, about trying once, getting turned down and never trying again.  You think your stuff is too cool to be in a mainstream catalogue?  you are being a dope.  if you think your stuff is better than mainstream...if you REALLY believe this, than you should WANT to be next to mainstream stuff so that you can steal their readers away.  and that advice works for ANYONE in any field should want your product, song, book, show, to be right next to the top dog so that everyone can see the difference.

now...if you are content not selling any comic books...fine.  if you are just doing this for a few laughs...great...i guess.  but if you are blaming DIAMOND COMICS for not carrying you for your lack of readers. than you are a big baby.  grow up or get out.