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I’m really trying to not discuss politics and ignore the 800 billion dollars the government plans to piss away…so I have been staying north of the newschannels…into the land of tuner classics and AMC.


You wanna know a film that hasn’t held up very well over time?  Saturday night fever.  And I don’t mean because they dressed funny, or because the soundtrack was too “bee jees” heavy., Or because john Travolta was skinny and not playing a bad guy.  The thing that jumped out at me as I sat there unable to find the remote control was “when are they going to start dancing?” and I was thinking this during the big dance off.  They called this dancing? These people wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes on “so you think you can dance”.  John Travolta marched some brunette around the floor, spun her around a couple of times and that was their performance…and when they where done his friend goes “you won for sure!”   it was laughable.  Even the black people in that movie couldn’t dance.  I thought to myself…is it just that we’ve come so far? That dance had to evolve into the mind blowing gymnastic contortional gyrating orgy that it is now on music videos?  No…that’s not it because Fred astair and ginger Rodgers could dance up some shit back in the day.  What was with that movie?  It was a movie about dancing with the worst dancing I’ve ever see outside of a white persons wedding.


I have a larger point.  First we had hippies…they wore bell bottoms and had gay ass looking bubble letters for everything and large collars on their shirts and where earthy and crusty looking.  Then corporate America discovered that there was money to be made and the ripped jeans and bell bottoms stopped being made by underaged girls with a tounge full of acid wearing Mexican wedding shirts and a thousand beads, who where making them for their 38 year old boyfriends who got in their pants by playing horrible folk music on a 10 dollar guitar with a peace symbol painted on it and started being made by big faceless corporations.  The crusty look was replaced by bell bottom suits and suit jackets and shirts with big colars that where made in a factory and out of clean nice material.  Some say that all the heart was taken out…I say it sucked just as much no matter who was piloting the “look”.  

The same thing happened with the goth look.  The spray painted jackets and safety pinned black cargo paints stopped being made by kids who needed a break from cutting themselves with car keys because their divorced parents where to busy screwing each others best friends out of spite and buying the kids video games instead of having to go through the ordeal of talking to them and started being made by “hot topic” and those types of places.  Again some will say it’s not as cool…me myself personally I think it doesn’t matter one iota if the kid safety pinned his own black hoodie or not.  The important thing is he has a safety pin to cut himself with if the mood strikes him.


It is just the law of the jungle- a look/fad is started in a home made grass roots fashion…corporations see a demand for that look, they do their best to make it look authentic…it looses a little heart and gains a little bit of quality.  My point is…the longer you muslieum terrorists continue to move into our country and plant cells the sooner you’ll be buying generic corporate made versions of your stuff and before long you’ll be pointing at the terrorist who bought his suicide vest at the gap and saying “feh, what a poser”.  Your burkas will stop being made by a wife with a tom selleck quality mustache who smells like old cheese who is making it for her daughter in hopes that she will continue the strict traditions and not end up doing “x’ and blowing guys in the school bathroom like her classmates because they have been convinced that it isn’t sex if there is not vaginal penetration...( Look if the guy squeals in delight and then immediately loses interest in you...then you just had sex…) and it will start being made by k-mart and places like that.


Actually it will be made in china…you will be buying your clothes AND your weapons from the same place.  The capitalist, earth polluting, anti muslieum, capitol of the earth. THEY are the ones truely responsible for western culture invading yours..becuase THEY are the ones who manufacture the CDs, and DVDs, and slutty clothes.  we are just the confused kids making our own look...THEY are the evil corporation taking our angst and turning it into a product and jamming it down your throats You should start blowing them up, and leave us to be ignored by our divorced parents do drugs and get screwed by creepy guys in bathrooms and then cut ourselves with pins...that where ALSO made in china.



think about it.



comments? concerns?