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was it Personal?

here's the e-mailers review of my situation

"bro, i thought it was going to be something way more epic than that."

stop calling me "bro", and sorry to disappoint you but i'm a person.  this blog has always been just whatever is on my mind.  that's what was on my mind so that's what you got.  and i suppose i can see his point that it seemed like a lot of build up for nothing...if you have NO HEART. 

myspace and all these social sites really do a lions work as far as giving you a case of arrested development.  we are all electronically passing notes in 6th grade science class.  and can someone tell me how to take someone off of your update stream or whatever the hell it's called where every update they post shows up on your home page?  cause two new pics everyday of these two being kissy face is like a hot tac in the back of my left eye.

I'm good at dwelling on things all by myself, i don't need daily updates on which base this guy got to today...knowwhatimean?  I don't know how you younger people deal with these sites.  i'm old and grizzled, but the early twenties Doug would have a full on Richard Lewis neurotic obsessive breakdown seeing this stuff pop up every morning. 

If i was some young guy who had an actual break up of a long term relationship and i had the ability to keep checking on my ex's page and read blogs about how happy she is now and see pics of her doing God knows what with some other would be devastating.

and don't you young people out there think for one second that they don't know you are able to see all that stuff. 


man must be awful. 

one other response from "bro" that i should addressed.

"she's probably a bitch anyhow...hopefully it will end in tragedy"

well "bro" i don't think that's how you spell tragedy...although i can't seem to spell it any other way without it looking strange. also she's not a bitch, and i don't wish them any harm...other than there myspace pages crashing. I appreciate the solidarity but If i didn't make it clear before, this is just one of those things, there's no bad guy here. and since she never reads these blogs i was able to harmlessly vent and let that be that.

he went on to ask

"was that permanent marker you used on that guys tabel?"

...who said I did anything? the tables at wizard world where all covered with this cheap thin vinyl that most of us just cover up with our own better looking drop cloth.  the dork who drew the obama stuff had his whole table covered with portfolios and books.  i would never condone actually screwing with someone's display.  unless they where a bootlegger.

oh! i almost forgot one of the perpetuators on the rumors was revealed...the rumor that i am a sex friend and sleep with all my helpers, or sleep with a fan in every city or something like that.  i've seen this one in different places but at least one of the skunks has been outed...(after this last week of blogs that rumor sounds even more absurd)...just as i figured it is a lonely dork with no life trying to feel important by having the inside scoop on some semi-famous (i'm using that term loosely here) illustrator. and i'd also like to add that this is the kind of rumor started by someone who never gets laid. 

people who have sex on a regular basis don't see it as a big deal and wouldn't think to start a vague rumor about someone else's sex life.  this is always the work of lonely pathetic unattractive charmless people who's only sexual release is their own digits and then crying into their pillow. therefore sex to them is this monumental event that, in their minds, is so titillating to mention that it is the soilent green of rumor fabrication. ( i was going to say the Holley 650 of rumor fueling but only 5% of you would have got that...go look that up and come back, it's funny)

I'm sure all the rest of the insects on the message boards hoping to sully my already worthless image fit that criteria. but don't send me e-mails with info you read on a blog or message board cut and pasted on.  the point is that you think before you believe something you read.

unless it's from Vince, or Jeremy adolphson who are allowed to spread ugly rumors until they get their orders.


comments? concerns?



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